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Introducing the InTouch approach to Small Business Growth

Capture new Contacts and Leads

Use web forms integrated into the InTouch email marketing and CRM system to capture new prospects and convert them into customers.

It is critical that you capture the details of both prospects and leads into one central CRM sales and marketing system.

Whether you do this manually in response to a phone call, in-store, or via a web form the more details you collect, the better you can follow up and serve your prospects and customers.

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Build an Email List

Email marketing is still one of the best ways of communicating with your prospects and customers.

Your email list will form the back-bone of your sales and marketing activity.

When used correctly, customers will look forward to your emails, always look to add value for your prospects and customers.

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Kip McGrath Education

"I did a two week trial of InTouch alongside I was trialing a couple of other systems and it just became apparent that InTouch shone where the others didn’t."

"Some of them were overly complicated. The real bonus with you guys, is that you have such a brilliant support team."

Debbie Toulson

Collect Data and Segment

Collect as much data as you can in a central CRM contact management system.

Use custom fields and groups within your contacts database to segment and target your audience with information that is relevant and interesting to them.

Using an integrated system like InTouch will make this data available to every part of your sales and marketing process.  All held within one easy to see record.

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Use Automation to Follow-Up

After prospects hit your sales and marketing funnel, use email automation and workflow automation to ensure consistency, increase the customer’s experience and save you time.

Use the data you have collected to send automated follow up emails to build trust and familiarity.

Use automation to power your sales funnel, automatically create leads and follow up tasks as prospects enter your funnel to ensure new opportunities are followed up.

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Bright Yellow Marketing

"Get InTouch! It’s a small investment for the gains that you get from using it! I would recommend it to business owners, to keep track and follow up with people."

"InTouch has really helped improve productivity and efficiency in my business. It has helped me get more sales."

Sara Greenfield

Build a Sales Pipeline

Most successful businesses will operate a sales pipeline.

The sales pipeline is used to manage your sales process, to progress prospects from intial enquiry through to conversion of the sale.

The new drag and drop sales pipeline within InTouch integrates with all of your other data and will allow you and your team to ensure that you convert as many prospects to customers as possible.

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Use Tasks to Power Follow Up

Task management is one of the most important tools for powering both your sales pipeline and marketing.

Whether tasks are added manually or through automation, you can use tasks to manage yourself and your team.

Tasks ensure things get done, that phone calls are made, that brochures are posted, the meetings are attended.

Attach tasks to prospects, customers, leads and automated campaigns.

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FAB Footwear use InTouch to increase sales

FAB Footwear use the contacts database and email to share news and images about new stock and special offers to increase visits to their store and increase sales.

"We Grew our business ten-fold using InTouch"

Julia Richardson


Know what your customers want with survey tools

Getting feedback from your customers and prospects is one of the most important things you can do.

Without good feedback you are flying blind, just guessing what your customers want and what they are thinking. Use the InTouch feedback tool to give your customers exactly what they want.

Also use surveys to build your customer data to allow further personalisation.

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Be where your customers are with social media tools

If you want to build strong relationships with your customers, you need to be where they are.  If they are active on social media, you need to be there too.  Social media can be very time consuming, so you need the right tools to help you manage your interactions and different platforms.

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Adviser Will

"The cost, the brand, the way you do business, it’s an all-round good proposition."

"We’ve had over 40 referrals so far in the first two weeks of doing an email campaign."

"The system is now fundamental to our future success..."

Greg Charlton

Get your messages read with text messaging

Getting agreement to use text to contact your customers is very powerful.  You know that texts will get read.  Follow best practice and your customers will love it as much as you.

Most small businesses don’t realise test messaging is something they can use, but InTouch has it built in.

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