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Why your business can’t afford to miss sales

You need a structure follow process for leads – it becomes measureable and organised
You need a really simple and effective system to hold your prospect information and details of all of your interactions with them
You need something better than a spreadsheet – something that will actually allow you to do things such as Sales Automation, Email Marketing and other prospect conversion actions
You need a quick way to import contacts and manage the relationship with them
You need somewhere to manage your leads and sales, without having to learn complicated systems
of people who DON'T follow up more than 3 times
% of Sales are made on the 5th to the 12th contact
% of Sales People NEVER Follow Up
The Increase in Revenue Generated by Businesses using Automation
Of Large Businesses are Using Automation to Convert Prospects to Customers
Conversion Rate when using Marketing Automation in your Sales Process

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Helping convert prospects into customers

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