5 Simple Reasons Why Your Business Needs a CRM

Every business is different, there are service based companies, product based companies and so forth, but where do they have similarities? All of the successful ones use systems to drive their business forward.

  1. You are only human

    In everyday business there are 100’s of tasks which need to be done, if you wrote each one on a post-it note, you would never see your desk again and the deadline for completing some of those tasks would come and go without them even seeing the light of day. When people think of a CRM system they think “that just a place to put my contacts”. This is wrong on so many levels, a CRM is there as a business tool, well the good ones at least!

    A good CRM will bring order to chaos, it won’t just be a place where you store your important customer information, it will become the life blood of your business, opening doors to so many possibilities. The days of CRM systems just being a digital rolladeck for your business cards is gone. As a human, we forget things, a good CRM will remind you, keep nudging you until you have completed that action or communicated with that prospect. A good CRM system will let you be more human as it takes the day to day strain from you by systemising things

  2. Things become measurable

    How many times in your business life have you needed a report or wanted to check progress on a project or prospect but the data hasn’t been there or the member of the sales team working with that prospect has gone on holiday for 3 weeks (lucky person!). A good CRM will become your central go to place for all information.It should allow you to bring up any contact, anywhere and know exactly where they are in your sales pipeline, allowing you to never miss an opportunity.

    This means things become measurable, with processes in place you create “The MacDonald Effect”. What I mean by this, it’s the simple but effective way things are done, if you order a Big Mac anywhere in the world the process is the same, it’s tried and tested – one deviation from this and it’s no longer a Big Mac. Having a good CRM in place allows you to create and perfect your own Big Mac, tweaking the process where you need it to be tweaked to strive for perfection, because you get the stats, you see what is working, where it needs an extra few seconds on the grill and you make that change.

  3. It creates competition

    Every business wants to make money, it’s a reality of why people get into business. So that means that the aim is to turn Prospects into Customers. Having a sales team, even a small team of two people means there is some level of competition – throw a CRM into the mix and that adds a whole new level to the competitive nature of sales people.

    You don’t end up writing things on boards in order to see where things are at, everything gets added to the CRM and becomes visual, interactive and addictive! A good CRM will give you those colour charts, daily reports emailed to you giving you leaderboards of who has done what – competition breeds success and that is what a good CRM will give you – competition and success!

  4. It keeps you on the tracks

    Life and business sometimes don’t seem to play nicely together, in the office it’s all guns blazing, the phones are going, the banter is flowing and the focus is there. Then you stop, go home and the tasks turn into cooking dinner for the family, watching TV, playing games and then going to sleep.How do you get back into that productive zone again?

    A good CRM will do it’s best to make that start to the day as quick as possible, nudging you and sending you tasks to complete, sending you reminders of what you need to do to hit this month’s sales figures, taking you from 0 to 60 as fast as possible, meaning you have yet another productive day!

  5. It keeps you organised

    Chaos doesn’t breed success, it just brings more chaos and ultimately destruction. This is where a good CRM can save the day, it brings order to that chaos, it gives you a place to store all of your important information, it gives you purpose to complete the jobs in hand and if gives you focus.

    The average human is only productive for so many hours of the day, we go from one thing to the next, facebook, back to work, etc so having a good CRM in place which keeps you organised and focussed is one of the best reasons as to why you and your business need one!


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