7 Business Rules To Break This Year

shutterstock_110566157There are rules to follow, and there are others that are just made to be broken. Here are 7 rules to break away free from that will help you grow your business and grow as a person!

1.Trying to be perfect

Nothing and no one is ever perfect, so why set yourself for failure trying to achieve the unachievable. Your product will never be perfect, your sales pitch will never be flawless so don’t try to achieve that. Instead of focusing on perfection, pour your energy into improvement.

Work towards that, work towards making small steps of progress.

2. #TeamNoSleep

Take more vacations. As entrepreneurs, we are natural workaholics.Challenge yourself and your entrepreneur friends to break the #TeamNoSleep stereotype and take some time for self. A refreshed mind can achieve more and generate better ideas than one running on caffeine and no sleep.

3. Saying yes to everything

Your time is limited. In fact your time is a scarce resource you should spend wisely. As a business owner you probably tend to feel the urge to say yes to any project that comes your way. Stop! It’s time you started saying no to things that will not drive seizable growth and will only result in you losing focus from the things that really matter.

4. Only grow your business

This year put the same effort, energy and enthusiasm into growing yourself as a brand and as a person as you would growing your business. Read books, take courses, learn new skills, go to seminars. Your world will widen and more growth opportunities will emerge as a result of you focusing on personal growth.

5. If it isn’t broke, don’t fix it

The most dangerous mantra you can manage your business by is ‘we don’t need to change, we’ve always done it this way’. Just because something works OK and doesn’t cause trouble doesn’t mean it can’t be improved.

Old systems, outdated ways of managing data, marketing tactics that have been delivering disappointing results for months, these are the things you should look to update and change all the time! Make 2017 the year for innovation and forward thinking!

6. Spend more time in the office

I have been guilty of this one myself but have tried to break away from the chains of my desk more and more these days. The truth is, spending more time in the office – which is often somewhat tense – can actually make us counterproductive. Some of our best ideas spring to mind when we’re tinkering about in the garage or relaxing on the sofa watching our favourite soap. Don’t be afraid to step away for a while.

Delegate responsibilities, trust your team that they will take care of the day to day responsibilities, and give yourself some breathing space (away from the desk).

7. Keep your thoughts to yourself

Got a business idea that you don’t want anyone else to steal? Yep, definitely a keeper – don’t share it with anyone else. Thought of a work-related idea that would benefit the company or your colleagues? This is a situation where you can throw the ‘keep your thoughts to yourself’ rule out of the window. Never feel embarrassed to share your thoughts, or feel as though your ideas aren’t useful.

Similarly, make sure you create a business environment where people feel comfortable to approach you and share their thoughts with you.
The world of business is full of written and unwritten rules. We are constantly told what we should and shouldn’t do yet, some of the world’s most successful entrepreneurs ignored accepted business conventions and made it to the top!

So if you want to try something different, if you want to break the mold and find business success on your own terms, then go ahead and break those 7 rules. And if you need a hand making 2017 the year you smashed not just the rules, but your sales targets and growth projections too, then complete the Business Accelerator Test and find out how we can make that happen for you.

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