About James White  



James White, CEO & Founder

James White is the Founder and CEO of InTouchCRM, and is passionate about Changing Entrepreneurial Mindsets to Achieve Better Results for their business.

A Swansea lad, who’s worked at the highest levels of business, travelling the world looking after sales and marketing teams for large multi-national companies in the tech industry.

Having cut his teeth, he decided to leave and start up his own company using his passion for helping small businesses as the main focus – InTouchCRM was born.

As an Author

James is currently finishing his first major book called ‘The Conversion Train’ which outlines how to convert more prospects into customers through the models he has created – TRACKFARE, DRIVER and CONVERT.

He’s previously published the following eBooks:

As a Speaker

James has a unique outlook on Sales and Marketing, which has found him in demand for speaking.

With his energy, enthusiasm and passion for helping businesses grow, he has built quite a reputation for inspiring change in many entrepreneurs.

Photos of James In Action