About Us

Have you ever wondered who it is that responds to your emails, answers your support calls, send you invoices or is responsible for the maintenance of the InTouch system? InTouch is a small (but wonderful!) team of experts dedicated to helping you grow through the clever use of sales and marketing automation.  Here are the men and women who make everything possible!

James White

Customer Happiness Champion

James White is the founder and CEO of InTouch.

When he’s not in the office, he could be found on the golf course or at Liberty Stadium in Swansea, supporting his all time favourite team – Swansea City Fc.

To get in touch with James, add him as a LinkedIn connection or follow him on Twitter at @jijwhite

Ciaran Cullen

Managing Director

Ciaran is the technical specialist who is in charge of all system improvements, infrastructure and system roadmap.

When he’s not stuck behind a screen looking at developing new system functionalities, Ciaran is out on the field playing football.

To get in touch with Ciaran, connect with him on LinkedIn or follow him on Twitter at @cacullen.

Matthew Ruddle

Director of Partnerships and Customer Education

Matthew is the person responsible for the acquisition of new partners and running our fast-growing partner network.

In his free time he enjoys watching and playing rugby and renovating his new house.

If you want to enquire about our partner program or you have some DIY advice for Matt, get in touch with him via LinkedIn or follow him on Twitter at @MattRuddle 

Sam Woodckock

Product Improvement Developer

Sam is in charge of implementing changes within the system, developing new functionalities and enhancing existing ones.

Sam loves spending time with his fiancée and their dog, a greyhound called Casper.

To get in touch with Sam, follow him on Twitter.

Richard Orr

Business Growth Engineer

If you’ve ever needed a helping hand with the system functionalities, raised a support ticket or called support, chances are you know who Rich is.

In his free time Rich enjoys walking football and long bike rides. If you ever find yourself stuck and you need some help, make sure you get in touch with Rich! Connect with him on LinkedIn.

Kelly Robinson

Finance Manager

Kelly is the person in charge of all accounts and finance-related matters at InTouch.

When she’s not updating spreadsheets or forwarding invoices, Kelly spends her free time planning her upcoming wedding.

For any finance related questions,  get in touch with Kelly via LinkedIn.

Becky Townsend

Data Administrator

Becky is responsible for the upkeep of admin work in the office. She is methodical and process driven administrator with a keen eye for detail.

In her free time, Becky loves spending time with her children. Get in touch with Becky on social media.