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Since 2006 we have been helping our customers convert prospects into customers

InTouch began many years ago as a simple, fully integrated CRM and marketing platform for small businesses. We wanted to help our customers better manage their tasks and processes to free up more time to do what they do best. Luckily we found this was something that resonated with thousands of businesses!


Whilst many things have changed over the years our core goal has not. We want to help businesses convert more of their prospects into customers. Through a combination of clever software and years of experience we help companies worldwide achieve their goals. We’d love to help your business too!


James White, Founder and CEO

James White is the Founder and CEO of InTouchCRM, starting the business in 2006 and growing it to where it is today.

His passion for helping business grow and achieve their goals is a key driving in everything he does

Author, Speaker, Entrepreneur, Football Fan, Blogger, Non-Exec Director, Cyclist, Chairman, Salesman, Leader

Ciaran Cullen Founder and Managing Director

Ciaran founded the company with James and has been on the journey ever since. Combining his development expertise with his years of experience of building and maintaining global system to deliver what InTouch is today

Developer, Founder, Football Fan, Blogger, Techie, Music Lover


Matthew Ruddle Sales and Marketing Director

Matt joined the company back in 2007 and has done everything from heading up Customer Success through to creating the company’s Growth Academy.

He has a passion for helping small businesses and uses his knowledge in Sales and Marketing Automation to drive them forward

Networker, Author, Blogger, Automation Guy, Rugby Fan

Kelly Robinson-Prentice Finance Manager

Kelly joined InTouch in 2012 originally as a PA but has since progressed to Finance Manager through her AAT qualification and is now responsible for monitoring all the day-to-day financial and operational tasks within the company.

Kelly is responsible for all financial planning, budgeting and has a key role to assist CEO James White in the ongoing management of the business. Establishing and maintaining policies and procedures, Kelly is also responsible for looking after all HR elements of the company too.