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Several years ago, CEO James White was working in some kind of techie/marketing role (don’t ask us what it was all about, it was a long time ago) and he spotted a need for a fully integrated CRM and email marketing system that would help small businesses to be better at managing their tasks and processes. Not to mention strengthening their relationships with their customers and contacts.

With planning and a little more in-depth thought process than is possible to explain here, he set about creating the UK’s first integrated email marketing and CRM platform designed specifically for the needs of small and medium businesses.

Six years ago InTouch was born and has grown ever since. With customers across the UK and internationally, we now help more and more organisations benefit from:

  • Simple but effective email marketing, online survey, SMS marketing and contacts database solutions
  • A fully integrated solution that works seamlessly with other software and systems
  • A more organised and efficient approach to their business contacts and customer relationships

We’re based in sunny Weston-Super-Mare in Somerset (Weston to the initiated, or even WSM).

We hope we can work with you next. Click here to visit our tour page to see what we’re all about!

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