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Unlike many marketing automation systems aimed at small businesses, you don’t need a marketing degree and a dedicated resource just to set up and operate the system.

Marketing Automation doesn’t have to be complicated.

Our approach is to set up simple, repeatable processes, then use automation to ensure things get done so that customer and prospect follow-up happens consistently and without fail.

Simple automation allows you to chain together actions that when combined create simple but powerful sales and marketing systems.

Let’s look at some examples:

Automated Campaigns for Sales Follow-up

Especially useful for businesses selling to businesses is a semi-automated sales follow up process.

Leads can enter your business in a number of ways, by email, through your website, over the phone and more.  No matter which way this happens, you want to ensure that leads get followed up consistently. You want to create a repeatable business sales process that optimises your sales conversions and ensures that prospects don’t become dead, through lack of follow-up.

Using InTouch you can create an automated campaign that contacts can be assigned to, no matter how they come into your business, over the phone, through your website or face to face.

Use automated campaigns to send follow up emails, create tasks for team members to follow up, create a chain of campaigns that move prospects through a tailored sales process depending on the actions that they take, create opportunities and feed them into your sales pipeline, add contacts to groups to enable segmentation and further refined follow-up, use custom fields to capture specific information and use it to tailor the content of your emails and make any 1to1 follow-up more personal and targeted.

Automated Campaigns for Customer Nurturing

The world has changed, and continues to change fast, the old ways of reaching customers become redundant in many cases.  Sales processes have been replaced by buying processes, prospects and customers like to search for things, absorb information, make a decision, then reach out as and when they want, on their terms.

Search and inbound marketing are starting to dominate the space once occupied by push sales tactics like mass advertising and intrusive direct sales techniques.

Automated lead nurturing enables you to capture leads when they are early in their research or buying process, the nurture them until they are ready to buy, or reach out to you for more information.

InTouch automated campaigns are perfect for providing prospects and customers with targeted information to help them navigate their own buying process.

Using emails, groups, tasks and triggers, we can create simple but effective personalised funnels to feed prospects information based upon their preferences and actions.

We can monitor actions to move prospects further down the buying process by automatically looking for clues in the activity that they take.

We can combine automated tasks with physical tasks that the system tells us to take based upon a customer’s activity.

Planning your Automation

It’s important to plan your automated campaigns from day one, so that there is a logical flow for your customers and prospects.

You’ll want to think about what information to collect and how you will use this to deliver content that is targeted to that contact.

You will want to think about the questions that suspects, prospects and customers will have about your product or service and ensure that you create quality, easy to understand content for your audience.

You will set up automated email campaigns and use triggers to move your contacts into more specific campaigns as they show growing signs of engagement with your content.   Your customers will get the information they need, they will see you and your business as the experts that you are, then, when they are ready to buy, you are the obvious choice, the one that has given so much and been so attentive.  You’ve proven your value, not in a salesy way, but in a relationship building way.

Use automation to kick start relationships with prospects.

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