Small Business Marketing Ideas – Halloween Edition

The Halloween market is growing in two ways that make it very attractive for businesses to take part. First, Halloween is becoming an increasingly universal celebration. Almost everybody celebrates it. Second, individual consumers are spending increasing amounts of money on celebrating Halloween. Are you taking advantage of that spending spree? Halloween isn’t just for kids… Read more »

How do you Make a Marketing Campaign go Viral?
Answering the Million-Dollar Question

Have you ever stopped to think about how things go viral on the internet? From Grumpy Cat to the Ice Bucket Challenge and Gangnam Style? Why is it that certain content explodes and takes over the world and how do you replicate that? How do you make a marketing campaign go viral? But first, what…

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How to Write Good Email Subject Lines
The Essential Guide to Getting your Emails Opened and Read

Nobody likes being ignored. You’ve sent an email, you know the other person has received it, yet they haven’t opened it! There are three reasons why this may be: They haven’t seen it yet They decided to ignore it They’ve seen it and decided to delete it without even opening the message. Ouch, right? Why…

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The Little Tricks that Could Increase your Website Traffic by 400%

Whoever said ‘Build it and they will come’ certainly didn’t have a website. In the digital world, it takes a bit more efforts than simply creating a website for the traffic to start pouring in. Lack of website traffic is one of the most common difficulties small business owners encounter and it is also the… Read more »

The 3 Most Important Pillars of Killer Customer Service

Customer service is an issue that concerns everybody. We have all had our fair share of good and bad experiences with customer service, and it is true what people say ‘Good customer service is the likelihood of any business’. That is why it’s so important to get it right. Moreover, in today’s age of abundance… Read more »

Are You Alienating Your Customers?
A Tale of Customer Retention

A short story of a business (maybe your business) I have a friend who is in the printing business. He designs and produces both bespoke business cards and personalized and branded stationery with the business cards being the most popular product in his business. When I suggested that he promotes his branded stationery to customers…

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The 5 Email Marketing Myths That Are Killing Your Campaigns

As an email marketing aficionado, nothing infuriates me more than misleading ‘facts’. And I don’t mean the ‘email is dead’ kind of articles that emerge every so often (just to set the record straight here, email marketing is very much alive) but rather articles suggesting that email marketing is only for the big corporations, that… Read more »

What is a CRM System?
Frequently Asked Questions

All you need to know, in a bite sized format. What is CRM? CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management and it refers to a set of software programs or apps that let companies keep track of (that’s the “management” part) everything they do (the “relationship” part) with their existing and potential customers. At the simplest…

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