How to Use The InTouch Survey Feature

We’ve spoken excessively in the past about the reason why customer surveys are valuable. They give you a unique insight into what customers really think of your business, what areas need improvement, plus they also show that you care and respect other people’s opinions. This is the theory, but today we will show you the… Read more »

Your First Automated Campaign
A step-by-step guide to designing your first automated campaign

Automated emails deliver information to your customers right when they need it, in a way that’s efficient for you and your team. We’ve probably said this a million times, so today we’d like to offer you a different piece of content regarding automation. A step-by-step guide to designing your first automated campaign. There are many…


Best Tips for Increasing Conversion in Online Shops

How to increase the conversion rate in my shop? – sounds the vendor’s mantra. I’ve got a feeling that this is one of the most frequently asked questions nowadays. It is absolutely understandable because it is the foundation of high sales volume. I guess that you’ve heard about the importance of names, product descriptions, high… Read more »

How to Increase Sales Conversion Rate

Having a good conversion rate is the foundation of high sales volume and a healthy business turnover. Let’s say your goal is to increase your sales conversions by 50%. How would you do it? Spend 50% more on advertising? Producing 50% more content? 50% more time, effort and money into marketing? Or maybe, you can… Read more »