Supercharge Your Content and Marketing Automation Efforts
5 Practical Steps

Content and marketing automation go together like Batman and Robin. They are better, stronger and more resourceful together than when used separately. For one, content fuels marketing automation. Otherwise, what are you going to send people? How will you spark interest and engagement? Capture and nurture leads? But sending an email in itself isn’t enough…

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4 Strategies to Help You Expand the Lifespan of Your Content

Any good marketer and business owner worth their salt will tell you that when it comes to success, it’s all about being efficient. This includes everything, from developing and manufacturing products, to customer service and yes, even marketing. Getting the most mileage possible out of content you’ve created is a true challenge professionals are facing… Read more »

How to create an effective email marketing campaign in 1 hour*
(Times may vary)

Research suggests that email has now surpassed other channels of marketing communication. This isn’t surprising when you consider how much cheaper, more measurable and better targeted email can be compared to other methods of communication. Email marketing is one of the most powerful tools in your marketing arsenal when used properly. But are you getting…

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15 Email Marketing Best Practices for Small Business

Poorly used email is a significant source of problems for businesses. From wasted time and resources, to disappointing results and poor open and click-through rates, the implications of a badly designed campaign are many. To help you avoid those faux-pas and instead enjoy the vast growth and profit opportunities that come with email, here is… Read more »

5 Advanced Marketing Automation Techniques
Guaranteed to Grow Your Business

The other day we published an article discussing the basics of marketing automation and more specifically, how to start with your very own marketing automation strategy. After that post, quite a few of you with more experience around the subject matter, asked us for a more advanced and in depth post with some more practical…

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Small Business Marketing Automation
How to Start?

Marketing automation provides powerful tools for marketers and business owners to acquire new customers faster, build stronger relationships with existing clients and overall make better decisions for their business. But what if you have a small team? Maybe even a 1 person team on a shoestring budget? In either case, small business marketing automation can…

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10 Tips for Generating Sales Leads

We searched high and low for the best, most useful and most frequently used tactics and techniques for finding prospective clients and we’ve compiled the ultimate list. So sit back, pour yourself a cuppa and pay attention. Here are the 10 proven tips for generating sales leads: Customer Referrals. Dogs may be man’s best friend… Read more »

Small Business Marketing Ideas – Halloween Edition

The Halloween market is growing in two ways that make it very attractive for businesses to take part. First, Halloween is becoming an increasingly universal celebration. Almost everybody celebrates it. Second, individual consumers are spending increasing amounts of money on celebrating Halloween. Are you taking advantage of that spending spree? Halloween isn’t just for kids… Read more »

How do you Make a Marketing Campaign go Viral?
Answering the Million-Dollar Question

Have you ever stopped to think about how things go viral on the internet? From Grumpy Cat to the Ice Bucket Challenge and Gangnam Style? Why is it that certain content explodes and takes over the world and how do you replicate that? How do you make a marketing campaign go viral? But first, what…

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