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Evolving from the term “web logging”, blogging is now one of the most popular things people do on the internet. What started in the early 1990s as just a way of sharing personal thoughts is now used not only by individuals who want to share their own views about books, travels, music, movies etc, but also those interested in promoting their businesses. The potentials that blogging holds for good business performance is no doubt why virtually all small and large businesses invest a lot in it as part of their marketing or overall business strategies. But how does blogging for lead generation work?



What can blogging do to improve business performance and increase sales?


While you may have a website dedicated to providing information about your business or your products and services, it is no longer enough. You can do a little more by embracing blogging– and there is certainty that you will get much more in return. Blogging requires you producing useful and relevant information, not necessarily about your own products and services, but also in the industry to which your business belongs. You can write a brief and concise blog post about a few good places to surf in the world even though your business focuses only on the sale of surfing or sporting gears in general. This way, you get to build more trust in your customer base as existing customers are retained and not lost to your competitors in the long run.


Blogging also helps you to stop depending on pay per click advertising – it can increase your business visibility to people searching the internet for information related to your business.  Imagine if, for example, your post about the good places to surf is optimised for search engines, then it will naturally come up in the search result pages (SERPs). When a user accesses the information you have provided, they may also be attracted to offers on your blog and end up purchasing your products. But, that’s not all. Anyone that lands on your page can become a lead through lead generation strategies. Lead generation can be done using various platforms and blogging is one of these ways. It involves prompting users who read your business blogs to provide their contact details to you. 




You could provide exclusive offers or freebies to your readers- this could be a free e-book (as we are doing below!), a small gift, an infographic or a discount code. Anything that is related to your product or service that will be useful to your readers in return for their email address. This is the best way to generate leads using blogs. All you need to do is let them know they can get even more helpful information if they will supply their email address to you or subscribe to your blog alerts. Once they do any of these, you can then target them with more personalised business deals and offers, but be sure no to overdo it. Avoid writing too long posts as people get bored easily, especially if such a post is not engaging. Keep it exciting and do not deactivate the comment feature on your blog as it helps you engage customers and boost trust.

If you cannot set up your blog on your own, get people to do it for you – a good number of freelancers are happy to get the job done for you at a little price. And be sure to read up on the nitty-gritty of the exercise before embarking on it! Our e-Book on Blogging for Lead Generation below will be a good place to start for any business wanted to generate more leads.




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