customer retention strategies

5 Amazing Customer Retention Strategies You MUST Implement

Marketers have long known that the time and cost required to acquire a new customer is significantly higher than what is needed to convince an existing customer to buy. Customer retention means winning more repeat customers and earning more revenue from these customers. The simple
Marketing automation campaigns InTouchCRM

5 Great Marketing Automation Campaigns to Boost your Sales to Another Level

According to VB Insight, “80% of marketing automation users saw their number of leads increase, and 77% saw the number of conversion increase.” This is just one of hundreds of statistics that prove that marketing automation can be a huge success if used effectively. With
4 effective ways to make your emails mobile friendly

4 Effective Ways to Make your Emails Mobile Friendly

  The vast majority of your customers will regularly check their phones each and every day. Mobile phone usage statistics say, “Users spend on average 69% of their media time on smartphones.” (comScore) and “61% of email opens occurred on mobile, 15% on desktop and 24%
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5 Great Content Ideas To Attract Attention on Your Website

5 Great Content Ideas To Attract Attention on Your Website

  Web marketers know that content is king. With thousands of competing sites, your website can often only be differentiated by the content you offer. Good content is informative and makes your visitor feel that the time they spend on your site is time well
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Do You Make These Huge Lead Nurturing Mistakes?

Do You Make These Huge Lead Nurturing Mistakes?

  Lead nurturing is the process of building a relationship with a prospect through frequent interactions which eventually lead to a sale. This is an art that ensures just the right level of interaction is done to stay on the lead’s radar and keep them
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How to Get to Know Your Customers Better Using CRM

How to Get to Know Your Customers Better Using CRM 

  The best businesses do not focus on selling their products and services. Instead, they give plenty of attention to what their clients want. That’s how they are able to develop the exact products and services for their clients. These businesses are more interested in
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Boost Your Sales using Social Media

How to Successfully Boost Your Sales using Social Media 

  Globally, the Internet has become more accessible than ever. Due to this, people around the world can access and use social media for different purposes. Some use it to stay in touch with friends and loved ones. Others use it to stay up to
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How to Build a Newsletter That Turns Subscribers into Buyers 

How to Build a Newsletter That Turns Subscribers into Buyers 

Sending regular newsletters to your subscribers has many benefits. Firstly, it allows you to communicate any important news or updates in your company. And secondly, it enables you to nurture subscribers who haven’t yet bought from you to become a customer. Simply sending out a
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Business Lessons From Films

4 Powerful Business Lessons To Take From These Incredible Films

  In this week’s video, I’ve chosen 4 films that can teach us some powerful business lessons. Hit play on the video below or keep reading!      1. “The Pursuit of Happyness”- Business Lesson: Never Give Up     The first of 4
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8 Ways to Segment Your Email List for More Successful Marketing

8 Ways to Segment Your Email List for More Successful Marketing

  Email list segmentation will drastically improve the effectiveness of your email marketing. Think about it- if you send the same email to every single person in your database, regardless of their location, gender, interests, age, purchase history etc. how many people are going to
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advantages of email marketing- time

5 Incredible Advantages of Email Marketing & How To Make Full Use of It 

The exponential rise in popularity of social media in recent years may have made you – and other entrepreneurs – wonder whether email marketing is archaic. On the contrary, email marketing is still a highly powerful tool. If you doubt that, simply check your email
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Build Customer Loyalty

How To Build Customer Loyalty Through Good Customer Service [VIDEO]

  Outstanding customer service is absolutely imperative for business success in today’s highly competitive business climate. If you don’t put your customer above everything else, you stand to lose them and this could be detrimental to your business. However, if you provide your customers with
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crm systems improve customer experience

5 Ways CRM Systems Improve Customer Experience 

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Systems enable companies to develop effective strategies for managing their relationships and interactions with clients. CRM is useful for both existing and prospective customers alike.   One of the biggest benefits of using a CRM system is in improving your customer’s
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Boost sales on your website

How to Boost Sales on Your Website: 5 Techniques for Guaranteed Success

If you run an e-commerce website, then you understand frustrations of doing all you can to attract customers and increase sales only to achieve nothing. That doesn’t have to be the case though. It’s possible to boost sales on your website, but only if you’re
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Business lessons from the godfather

3 Business Lessons to Learn from The Godfather [VIDEO]

The Godfather is, without a shadow of a doubt, one of the greatest films of all time. Plenty of life lessons; both good and bad can be learnt from this incredible film. So, here are my top 3 business lessons to learn from The Godfather:
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Questions Salespeople MUST be Asking Their Prospects 

5 Questions Salespeople MUST be Asking Their Prospects 

There is a difference between good salespeople and great salespeople. The best salespeople know the importance of asking questions. They understand the crucial role questions play in determining whether a prospect is worth following up, or not. More importantly, they know the right questions to
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Close The Deal Quickly

5 Techniques to Get a Prospect over the Line and Close The Deal Quickly

How do you close the deal quickly without appearing too aggressive or desperate? This is a question that many salespeople struggle with after making the initial pitch. Every good salesperson knows that a potential prospect needs several contacts before making up his/her mind. It takes
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Networking Success

3 Simple Secrets to Networking Success [VIDEO]

Networking is hugely important in business. It helps to get your name out there and can put you in touch with like-minded individuals who you can learn a thing or two from as well as people who could be interested in your product or service.
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5 Types of Post Guaranteed to Boost Social Media Engagement

Getting noticed on social media is increasingly difficult as a billion other voices put out their memes, videos, GIFs and other content meant to catch the eye and gain likes. The simple truth is that without adequate engagement, your brand will remain invisible on social
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boost your sales with crm

Boost your sales with CRM: 5 Ways CRM Can Help You Grow Your Business

A Customer Relationship Management system (CRM) is a powerful tool to boost your sales and keep revenue flowing from your present customers, as well as generating new leads from the information generated by the system. This is because an efficient CRM will show you what
Elements Of Consistent Sales Success

The 3 Key Elements of Consistent Sales Success! [VIDEO]

Sales is absolutely vital in order to succeed in business. Without sales and without customers you don’t have a business. So, you need to get income in but how do you do it? I’m going to share the 3 key elements of consistent sales success.
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Before you Start an Email Marketing Campaign

5 Vital Preparations to Make Before you Start an Email Marketing Campaign

Email marketing remains one of the most effective marketing channels because it still delivers the best marketing ROI. An email marketing campaign is cheap, easy to set up and can be easily segmented to reach different types of customers with different marketing messages. Email is
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Generate New Leads Using Social Media

Social Media Marketing: How to Generate New Leads Using Social Media

In marketing, generating leads is the first step to walking prospective customers down the path to the checkout page. These are people who have generated an interest in your brand/product/service. “72% of all internet users are now active on social media” so if you’re not
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convert warm leads into sales

5 Effective Ways to Convert Warm Leads into Sales

So a lead has shown interest in your product or service, they’ve signed up to your emails and have been engaging with your communications but how do you convert them? Here are 5 simple and effective techniques to convert warm leads into sales:    
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Tools for growing small businesses

10 Must-Have Tools for Growing Small Businesses

    If you’re the owner of a growing small business, you should be taking advantage of as many low-cost or free programs, resources and websites to help you. There are so many out there that can be of great use in many areas of
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Despite what anybody says, email marketing is still going strong and remains one of the most popular and effective ways of nurturing your prospects and communicating with your customers. But email marketing can be a difficult strategy to perfect. So we’re going to share our

5 Benefits of Having a CRM system for Small Businesses

As your business grows, your customer base grows with it and becomes increasingly difficult to manage if you currently rely on spreadsheets. Sifting though your customer data to find basic information is extremely time consuming and inefficient. Like what product they bought from you, what city
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Email Marketing Tips: Email Subject Line Best Practices to Ensure Your Emails Get Opened

Email Marketing is an incredibly powerful tool for any business owner to nurture their prospects to become customers and communicate with their existing customers to encourage repeat business. It’s a great way to keep your prospects and customers engaged and interested in what you’re offering
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4 Highly Effective Customer Engagement Strategies You Must Not Ignore

Customers are bombarded with more and more brands every moment and they expect brands to meet their needs in an effort to outdo each other. Customers do not just want to be sold to, they want their opinions heard, insights appreciated, problems fixed and needs
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6 Ways To Get Better Click-Through Rates From E-mails

  E-mail marketing is certainly not dead. It has one of the best engagement rates and returns in any marketing strategy. One way of determining the effectiveness of e-mail marketing is to track e-mail click-through rates and from this data you can adapt and improve
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