4 Highly Effective Customer Engagement Strategies You Must Not Ignore

Customers are bombarded with more and more brands every moment and they expect brands to meet their needs in an effort to outdo each other. Customers do not just want to be sold to, they want their opinions heard, insights appreciated, problems fixed and needs
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6 Ways To Get Better Click-Through Rates From E-mails

  E-mail marketing is certainly not dead. It has one of the best engagement rates and returns in any marketing strategy. One way of determining the effectiveness of e-mail marketing is to track e-mail click-through rates and from this data you can adapt and improve
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How To Ensure Effective Sales Pipeline Management in Your Business

  Firstly, what is a sales pipeline? A sales pipeline is a visual representation of your prospects and where they are in the sales process. A sales pipeline allows you to define particular stages in your sales process and place your prospects at specific stages.
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Re-permissioning your database

With GDPR just around the corner the time to re-permission your database is now! I’m sure you’ve already started receiving emails from your favourite brands asking you to confirm you want to continue receiving emails from them, but if will soon. In this blog
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5 Advanced Marketing Automation Tactics That Every Business Must Implement

    Marketing automation tools are necessary for the smooth working of any marketing department. These tools allow the marketer to be more effective at developing, planning and executing your decisions. With faster automation techniques, it is easier for companies to move ahead. Here are

5 Ways to Engage Better with Your Customers

The foundation of a successful company is built upon it’s customer turnover. In order to be the best in customer engagements, you have to be better at helping your customers rather than selfishly selling your own services. Here are five key features companies must have
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5 Awful Sales Tactics That Must be Avoided

Bad sales tactics have the capacity to spread like a virus. There may be one tactic that could have been successful with one salesperson and then someone else employs it. Before you know it, the tactic starts spreading like wild-fire among the business community. Unfortunately,
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Blogging For Lead Generation

  Evolving from the term “web logging”, blogging is now one of the most popular things people do on the internet. What started in the early 1990s as just a way of sharing personal thoughts is now used not only by individuals who want to
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End of the World

Why The World Will End Without Lead Nurturing!

Lead nurturing is a recent strategy that involves creating a good relationship between a potential customer and the company. This relationship will enable the company to convert this potential customer into an actual customer. This technique has brought tremendous results over the years since its
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Developing Your Business Personality: Why You SHOULD Care About What People Think Of You

    Most of us grew up being taught that we must not care what other people think of us. Even as adults, during motivational talks and development training, we are taught not to let the opinions of other people affect us. In as much

Webinars for Lead Generation

With the exception of writing and language, the internet has changed our lives in ways unimaginable. Music, videos, books, radio, TV etc. are now on the internet. There is hardly anything that cannot be bought online. That includes various forms of human interaction including group

The Top 8 Benefits of Lead Nurturing

Lead nurturing as a marketing strategy has lots of benefits. It is already seen worldwide as a genius technique that enables the marketer to increase the number of sales he/she makes in a given period. Here’s our top 8 benefits of lead nurturing:   1.
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The Power of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) for Businesses in 2018

    With the internet going live to the public in the 1990’s, the amount of information on the internet has kept increasing, thanks, especially, to the development of blogging. With the increasing amount of information on the internet comes the difficulty of finding what you are looking
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The Top 4 Lead Nurturing Tactics for Successful Conversions

To ensure that your sales qualified leads never lose interest in your products and/or services, you have to nurture them properly. For best results, your lead nurturing strategy must be well crafted and carried out with the aim of keeping the leads interested in what
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Content Marketing: The Key to Lead Nurturing

    The distance any marketing campaign will go is dependent on the quality of the content you have. You cannot go far with poor content, and you will surely fail if your content marketing plan is disorganised. The world has gotten to a stage
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12 Secrets To Get The Most Out Of Lead Generation!

There are many different marketing strategies and all of these different ways have their own uniqueness. One marketing tool that has drawn a lot of attention in recent years is lead generation. Like every other marketing technique, lead generation has some secrets without which it will
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Why Email Marketing Is NOT Enough To Win Business

  Email marketing is a great tool employed by most successful businesses in order to communicate with their prospects and customers and continue to grow. Many big businesses claim that this alone accounts for most of their sales and like every other marketing tool, it certainly
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Why Your Business Will Fail in 2018 Without Lead Nurturing

    The world is changing, and the pace at which people live life is increasing by the day. The proliferation of the internet has hastened the pace at which normal individuals live life. Everybody has become time conscious and tries to carry out every
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About GDPR

About GDPR By now you have probably heard of GDPR, the EU privacy regulation coming into effect in May of this year. If not, you should act now as the clock is ticking and it is likely going to have a significant impact on your
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Why Planning is Key to Any Marketing Campaign

  The major aim of any campaign is to get people to buy into an idea irrespective of what the idea is. Campaigns are run on many different sectors be it politics or business. In business what is embarked on is a marketing campaign. This
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Why Lead Nurturing is the Best Thing Since Sliced Bread

  It is a common belief that when a potential customer shows interest in your product, that the person will most likely go for it. You may think that because of your great video demo or your marketing techniques your prospect will certainly buy from
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The Power of Social Media Marketing in 2018

    Sufficiently advanced technology, it is said, is indistinguishable from magic. I have no doubt that the amount of technological advancement the world has witnessed in the past few decades is mind-blowing enough to the modern man. The developments cut across all sectors in such
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Why Lead Generation Without Lead Nurturing is Useless.

In third world countries, companies sometimes pay dancers and musicians and host street concerts. These concerts are aimed at arousing the interest of the public and making them notice their goods and services. This is the idea of lead generation. However, lead generation can precisely
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James White

A Christmas Message

Hi everyone   So we have reached another Christmas! I can’t quite believe how quickly this year has gone but we are nearly at the end of it and so it’s time to shut down for Christmas and make some exciting plans for 2018.  
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James White

GDPR is coming and it affects you! Get wise and get ready for some monumental changes!

A few months ago, Wetherspoons the pub chain made the dramatic decision to delete the entire database of customer information which they hold.   So what you might say? Why should I care James what happens to big companies like this? I don’t know the
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System downtime 12/12/2017

At 10:50am this morning our servers went offline causing InTouch and it’s associated services to become unavailable until 11:30am, when everything came back online. We know how important our services are for our customers and so please accept our sincere apologies. As you may know,
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Prospect now to ensure January 2018’s sales numbers look good

Although December is a wonderful time of the year with Christmas, it is also a very frustrating time of year if like me you love winning new business! Unless you sell Christmas jumpers or tinsel, December can be a pain to get business confirmed and

InTouchCRM and APCOM announce a new partnership

APCOM are pleased to announce a new partnership with industry leading CRM and Marketing Automation provider InTouchCRM. InTouch will be APCOM’s membership CRM (Customer Relationship Management) and communication system in which member data will be stored securely and with the appropriate consents which was a
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The actions you need to take to hit sales targets for 2018

  So it is nearly that time of the year again. Not only do you need to think about putting the loft ladder up to get the Christmas decorations down (yes I know it only seemed like yesterday) but its also about now when we

Go slow initially in order to go fast – The process you have to go through to convert prospects consistently

I have not long come back from a wonderful week away in Hurghada in Egypt. Me and my wife have holidayed in Egypt a few times and we love the people, the hospitality they provide and the great weather! As with many places overseas, there
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