There’s Massive Value in Building an Email List

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What do the best internet marketers value above everything else?

Their list!

Unlike many small businesses, who either don’t have a list or don’t value or leverage the list they have to it’s fullest potential, the best internet marketers know that an email list is one of the most valuable assets you can have as a small business.

The death of email has been prophesised many times, but each time they have been wrong and email has come fighting back.

In fact, now that the spam filters do an amazing job of keeping our inboxes clutter-free, there has never been a better time for a quality list owner to reach their audience.

Email is still this medium that we use the most, sure social media is on the rise, but for pure attention and power, email wins hands down.  Email addresses aren’t going away any day soon and are the central collection point for most communication.

If as a business you aren’t collecting your customers email addresses and then using them to build a relationship with your audience, you’re missing out.

If you have an email list and are just sending out generic newsletters, you’re missing out.

We at InTouch encourage all small businesses to build and properly use an email list of prospects and customers.

There is no better way to consistently reach, nurture and develop prospects and customers with scale.

Start collecting email addresses and building your list, on your website, in person, in your location, wherever you can.

Make sure your prospects and customers understand that they will be hearing from you, don’t spam them and always give them the opportunity to unsubscribe.

As you build your email list, segment your audience to make your communications even more targeted.

With InTouch you can also include your email list and email campaigns in your automation sequences, so ensure a fully rounded sales and marketing process.

Remember, the more specific data you have, the more value you will have in your list.

Why not emulate the most successful online marketers and make your email list a central focus for your sales and marketing campaigns.