Are you Cat Like in your Sales Approach?


Is this a picture of the most fearsome salesman in the world?? I think so!

Why you might ask would my chunky cat Tigger get such an award and how the hell can a cat be compared to some of the finest salespeople in the world?

Well let me tell you a story of why I believe he is.

Yesterday my wife rang me after I left to go and see a customer to say that Tigger had decided to bring a present to my wife and had jumped on the bed whilst she was sleeping with a little mouse! He was thrilled with his capture and wanted to let my wife know. I am guessing (I wasn’t there and so can’t confirm but can picture the scene) that having a cat trample over you and then see a mouse 6 inches from your eyes is not the best way to wake up! She wasn’t overly happy it’s fair to say and in the midst of the screams our little friend the mouse managed to escape from Tiggers jaws and hide under a chest of drawers in our bedroom.

It is here, the sales masterclass started.

Even though he had not had food that morning, Tigger sat down by the chest of drawers and waited. He waited and then he waited some more. It probably helped that he was 2 inches from a radiator as well but in fairness to him, he sat there for over a day to get his prize back. Every now and then when I popped my head around the door, I could see him sniffing under the chest of drawers to check the mouse was still there and sometimes he would reach in with his paw to try and coax or should I say pull the mouse out! Whilst unsuccessful on 3 or 4 occasions, he was not going to give up. He had tasted glory when he found the mouse originally and even though he had lost it when my wife was unappreciative of her gift, he was determined to get his prize in the end.

At around 5am this morning, I heard the commotion at the bottom of my bed that told me Tigger’s patience had been rewarded. The mouse had obviously thought he had seen an opportunity to sneak away but because he was vigilant and ready to respond, Tigger had seen the mouse move, nipped in and moved quickly to ensure that he secured his prize in the end. As I started to wake up fully, there were a few small mouse squeaks but I am afraid the mouse in the end stood no chance and Tigger got what he wanted! Now I cherish life of any sort and if I had been awake then I would have tried to save the mouse. I hate the fact that the poor little thing has been eaten up by a bigger predator but I guess that is just the nature of the cat and I also do think Tigger deserves to get what he wanted after his sales masterclass.

A masterclass you say? How from a cat?

Well because he has shown us all that in order to win your end prize you have to do 4 things.

You have to capture the mouse initially. In most cases within businesses this is capturing the details of a prospect from your website or maybe when someone rings in on the phone. You might want to secure the deal there and then but in most cases now is not the time but that time will come. Capture them initially and then record those details and know where are so that you can then engage with your prospect.

You have to be patient. Sometimes prospects don’t convert at the time you want them to. I have waited some 6 to 7 months sometimes for a prospect to eventually be ready to buy from me but as a result of constant nudging and prompting they were ready eventually. Tigger was patient, he was prepared to wait in the same place for nearly 24 hours to get his prize. Are you patient enough with your prospects or do you give up after a short while when you think they are no longer interested?

You have to continue to nudge. Tigger would sniff at the bottom of the chest of drawers to check that the mouse was still there and would put his paws in to nudge the mouse and ‘encourage’ it to come out. Do you continually nudge your prospects through simple emails or calls to let them know you are still there and on hand to help them if needed? If you don’t then you should! By letting them know that you are still around they get to know that you are persistent and reliable and reliability is a trait we all want to try and develop as we try to convert more prospects to customers.

You have to be ready to take the opportunity when it finally arrives. Tigger was not going to let his mouse get away. He wanted his prize and after waiting for so long he got it. When the mouse made his move, so did Tigger and the best sales people work in the same way. You can’t always predict when your prospect will be ready to move but when they are, you need to be prepared for it and act upon it. Now we all don’t have cat like sensory functions but systems and tools are on hand to now help us see when prospects are ready to move forward and the best salespeople will watch this and then take action when the opportunity arises. Are you ready to take advantage when your prospects are ready to buy?

So there you have it. The Cat Sales Masterclass.

Tigger wanted his prize and he wasn’t going to let anything get in the way of him achieving it. He was prepared to be patient, was prepared to nudge and was ready to pounce when his ‘prospect – aka the mouse’ was ready to act.

Do you follow a similar approach with prospects who engage with you? Are you patient like Tigger? Do you continue to nudge them and let them know you are there or do you just leave them alone?

Getting prospects to convert to customers takes time and many give up too early. Be more cat like in your sales approach and I can assure you that you stand a better chance of securing your prize as my cat Tigger did!

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