InTouch Updates


Brand New InTouch Support Videos

Although simple to use, InTouch has many valuable features to help you convert more prospects into customers that some of our users are unaware of. We understand that many of our customers are extremely busy running their businesses and do not have the time to delve deep into the system and discover all of its rich features.   So over

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A Major Upgrade of our Hardware and Software Infrastructure is coming – Some changes that you need to be aware of

Our goal here at InTouch is to provide the best possible software application for you to use to grow your business. You may have seen a blog I shared a couple of days ago about how we are focusing our development efforts on improving InTouch to allow you to convert more prospects into customers. A major part of that focus

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Most Asked InTouch Related Questions

InTouch is a big system which is why it’s quite understandable if every now and then you find yourself not knowing how to do something. Be it how to update contacts in bulk or how to add an unsubscribe link to an email, our support team is here to answer all your questions. To make it even easier for you, we’ve

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The Future & Its Impact on our Businesses

Earlier this week James White, founder and CEO of InTouch, presented at the Business In Oxford 2016 event, where he talked about the future, technology and the impact on business. Check out his presentation!


7 New Ways to Optimize Your InTouch Contact Record User Experience

Even to engaged customers, feature release announcements can feel like reading an instruction manual rather than a source of inspiration. But releasing features is an essential element in the growth of your business! The more amazing we make InTouch, the more tools you will have to pursue and achieve your business goals. So keep reading… As you know, here at

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You have to commit to get real success

I was lucky enough to get tickets on Saturday night to see one of the great singers Lionel Richie in concert. Lionel was great and played all of his top hits but the concert was made even better by the seats we had. 2nd row and within 10 foot of the man himself. No need to strain my eyes to

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Introducing InTouch CRM API

Every single day we see hundreds of business owners, marketers, sales reps and entrepreneurs log into the InTouch platform. Through the ever expanding arsenal of tools, features and training options, we’ve managed to help those in business accelerate growth and supercharge their sales efforts. Helping our clients grow is our ultimate goal, and we never take our eyes off the

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InTouch CRM stays strong on its mission to help UK businesses achieve sustainable growth by introducing contact scoring

New additional free functionality added to help businesses grow   InTouch CRM, UK’s leading sales and marketing automation software for growing businesses, today announced the release of a major new function – contact lead scoring, a must-have for companies in business today. The latest update enables users to save time by prioritizing the best leads and nurturing those not ready

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