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How To Ensure Effective Sales Pipeline Management in Your Business

  Firstly, what is a sales pipeline? A sales pipeline is a visual representation of your prospects and where they are in the sales process. A sales pipeline allows you to define particular stages in your sales process and place your prospects at specific stages. It enables you to stay on top of your leads and to know exactly how

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5 Awful Sales Tactics That Must be Avoided

Bad sales tactics have the capacity to spread like a virus. There may be one tactic that could have been successful with one salesperson and then someone else employs it. Before you know it, the tactic starts spreading like wild-fire among the business community. Unfortunately, they may be touted as the “best marketing tactics out there”. It is important to

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Prospect now to ensure January 2018’s sales numbers look good

Although December is a wonderful time of the year with Christmas, it is also a very frustrating time of year if like me you love winning new business! Unless you sell Christmas jumpers or tinsel, December can be a pain to get business confirmed and new orders issued. Although you may try and get your prospects to make decisions, the

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The actions you need to take to hit sales targets for 2018

  So it is nearly that time of the year again. Not only do you need to think about putting the loft ladder up to get the Christmas decorations down (yes I know it only seemed like yesterday) but its also about now when we all start to think about next year. How has this year turned out for you?

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Go slow initially in order to go fast – The process you have to go through to convert prospects consistently

I have not long come back from a wonderful week away in Hurghada in Egypt. Me and my wife have holidayed in Egypt a few times and we love the people, the hospitality they provide and the great weather! As with many places overseas, there is always a myriad of different salespeople trying to sell their services and being a

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  Changing your business  People resist change. This is a known fact, with much research undertaken and many articles explaining why this is the case.   As a leader in business, you need to frequently make change to maintain your competitive edge. One such change could be adopting a whole new sales process to improve your chances of consistently winning

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Simon Says You’re Not Hitting Sales Numbers

I received a phone call from a great guy I met recently called Simon. It went like this…..   Simon     ‘I am not hitting the sales numbers that I have set for myself James, are you able to help me as I have seen some of your videos and I like how you approach things’ James   ‘Hi Simon, great

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5 Reasons Why You’re Failing At Sales

As you get to the end of another month, the sales targets are closing in! You know, those targets which you set for yourself at the start of the month and which you said you would complete. You know, those targets which you said were crucial for your business to bring in to pay people, pay suppliers or even pay

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