Conversion assistance

Our Experts can help you start Converting more prospects into customers

Winning in business is not easy. If it was then everyone would be millionaires, right? You can read all about what you need to do in a modern business world to find more leads or convert more prospects but there is nothing better than having someone show you how it can be achieved.

Spend some invaluable time with our experienced and award wining prospect conversion experts. This can involve:

  • Implementation – we build automated workflows on your behalf
  • Execution – we create your email campaign and send it for you
  • Training – learn how to best use InTouch to convert more prospects.

Get Conversion Assistance

Our whole reason for being at InTouch is to help change the mindset of great business people to achieve better results and we do this through our amazing training and set up days. Within these sessions, we really get to understand you and your business. We get under the bonnet of what is working and what is not. We then take the actions to ensure you are putting in place the changes needed to achieve success. They are hands on and full on but as one of our customers described it they ‘are the best thing they have ever done and incredibly valuable’.

Contact us and find out more about what we offer through our Training and Assistance days and what dates we have available to get you on the fast track to achieving results!