Does Email Still Have a Part to Play In Sales?

Learning is a key part of life, every day is a school day, or so they say. Last week, I went to a number of event with numerous speakers, some ok, some outstanding! One thing that got mentioned was the fact that email marketing as a prospecting tool was dead, due to the volume of emails we get sent these days.

I was taken back by this and I thought I would ask the question – do you think Email Marketing, as a medium to get new customers is dead?

Here are my thoughts on it….

There are many aspects of marketing, from the printed words that you see in an advert on the newspaper, through to the fancy animated video that you’ve just had put on your website, and email still has its place in the grand scheme of things. 

Where it has changed, is how you go about using it. Gone are the days where you just load up a list of random people and blast your all singing, all dancing message out in the hope that it sticks with one person and that they become a customer, giving you that warm fuzzy feeling.

That method is dead, just like the businesses who use it. In today’s modern, holistic marketing approach, email is just as relevant but it’s about how you use it that matters.

The ISPs keep changing the goal posts in terms of what they will and won’t allow. They penalise bad behaviour, such as huge email blasts to nameless people. Whilst they reward, the company who send out small, bite size chunks to targeted data. Their philosophy is to be as targeted as possible and send to smaller datasets whom the message is more relevant to rather than hitting and hoping.

My vote is in the same camp, it’s better to send to 500 people who want your information or who’ve opted in and shown a sign of life rather than 50,000 people who were on a list of people you purchased – that, to me is a sure fire way of killing your reputation.

Email Lives….. and it’s very successful (when done right!)

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