Automated Emails

Automated Timed emails

Save time and increase your speed of response and accuracy with timed emails

Create a series of timed emails (often called autoresponders) in InTouch and the system will automatically send out emails that are triggered by a customer doing something.

So for instance when a customer signs up to your email newsletter:

  • Create a timed email to thank them for signing up
  • Use the same email series to highlight your latest product, promotion or event

Or when a customer has purchased a product from you:

  • Create an automated email that thanks them for their custom
  • Suggest other products they might like perhaps a promotional discount off their next purchase

Automated emails quite simply make like easier. You can create as many as you like and set them to be triggered as often as you like; daily, weekly, monthly or yearly. Or on any specific date that you choose. All you need do is decide what you want to say. We love automated emails and use them for our own business, try them on yours.

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