Team Calendar & Tasks

Team Calendar and Tasks

Easily manage appointments, meetings and tasks across multiple team members

At InTouch we’re all suckers for task lists and calendars. We don’t think we could survive without them any more.

So our Interactive Shared Calendar is designed to help you manage your time effectively without the need for additional software or programmes on your pc. Keep all your appointments, meetings and projects in the online team calendar, set yourself deadlines and automated task reminders and share with your team instantly. And if you are creating tasks either for yourself or a team member at the same time, link your calendar with the InTouch Taskpad and you have the ultimate in efficiency. We know getting organised is easier said than done, but the InTouch shared online calendar makes it just that bit simpler

  • No need to switch between programmes to find your online shared calendar
  • Share appointments & tasks with your team
  • Create email reminders for meetings & appointments straight to your pc or smartphone

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