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Easily manage appointments, meetings and tasks across multiple team members

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Synchronise your calendar and tasks with Google Apps for Mobile integration

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See all your contacts, tasks, appointments, linked notes etc, all in one place



CRM Calendar and Tasks
[boc_text_box title=””]Track, update and manage your day to day activities using the InTouch calendar tool.

Making a list of tasks is a great way to be sure you’re getting things done, right? Without being able to see those reminders across all the devices and computers you may use in a given week, though, that list is going to be fairly useless. InTouch Calendar allows you to set dates, times and reminders for any of your tasks and integrate them with your Google Calendar thus saving you time and boosting productivity. And if you work on a team that needs to stay in sync, our Google Calendar integration has you covered with mobile access.

It can manage everything from contacts and appointments to teams and projects. You can book appointments directly or using the Google Calendar integration.

The InTouch calendar is specially designed to help you manage your time effectively without the need for additional software or programmes on your pc. Keep all your appointments, meetings and projects in the online team calendar, set yourself deadlines and automated task reminders and share with your team instantly. [/boc_text_box][boc_list_item icon=”icon icon-check2″]No need to switch between programmes to find your online shared calendar[/boc_list_item][boc_list_item icon=”icon icon-check2″]Share appointments, events & tasks with your team[/boc_list_item][boc_list_item icon=”icon icon-check2″]Create email reminders for meetings & appointments straight to your pc or smartphone[/boc_list_item][boc_list_item icon=”icon icon-check2″]Sync your InTouch and Google Calendars to keep up to date with events and scheduled meetings without even having to log into the app[/boc_list_item][boc_list_item icon=”icon icon-check2″]See real-time updates – Changes made in your InTouch calendar will update the Google calendar, and vice versa, so you and your team can work worry free.[/boc_list_item][boc_text_box title=””]Staying on task isn’t always easy, especially when you have a hectic schedule to juggle and coordinate activities within your team. InTouch’s Task and Calendar tool has got you covered. We’ll help you stay productive!

We know getting organised is easier said than done, but the InTouch shared online calendar makes it just that bit simpler![/boc_text_box]

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Powerful Calendar and Tasks Features

Manage your teams tasks and calendars from one central system, use automation to ensure tasks are followed up on.

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Get all these features plus much more, come and see for yourself.


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