Google Apps Integration

Use Google Apps integration to sync with Android and Apple mobile devices

Link Gmail correspondence directly with contacts in your CRM system

Synchronize your Google calendar and contacts with InTouch

Google Apps CRM Integration

InTouch works seamlessly with a number of Google applications including Google Calendar, Google Inbox and Contacts. It’s easy to keep your CRM software in sync with Google Apps.

Google Calendar

When you schedule a call, a meeting or an event in InTouch, these events will appear in your Google Calendar. Similarly, when you add an event to your Google Calendar, InTouch’s calendar gets updated.

Using the Google Calendar integration will allow your calendars to sync, so that every time you look at your Google Calendar or you’re logged into InTouch, you always see the same up-to-date information.

Use the Google calendar app to sync between your Android or Apple mobile device.

Google Contacts

InTouch’s Google contacts integration will allow you to mark which contacts you want to appear within InTouch and they will then appear in your account ready to use for marketing or sales purposes.

Google Inbox

You know that unanswered, delayed or inaccurate responses turn happy customers into disgruntled and confused customers. More often than not, those customers don’t come back.

Avoid this confusion with InTouch’s Google Inbox integration. All client communications you’ve sent via your Gmail account will be noted in the InTouch customer record and vice versa- all campaigns sent via InTouch will be recorded in your Gmail account.

InTouch integrates with the Google Apps you use everyday for an easy workflow.

Simple, but powerful integration

All your most important tasks, calendar events and emails at your fingertips.

Get all these features plus much more, come and see for yourself.