Social Media CRM

Small Business Social Media Management Software

Link all of your customers’ accounts in a single system, Twitter, Email, Facebook and more

Quite simply, you will now be able to manage your day to day business tasks and marketing campaigns with a whole new social element, utilising Twitter, Facebook and other social sites all from the one great system! The InTouch small business social media tool is bringing everything right to your fingertips!

As part of your communication plans you might have various different Social Media accounts setup with Facebook, Twitter, etc. The updates to the CRM system allow you to add these to your system and then use them simply within your email communications. In addition, you can view your Twitter feed as usual within the system to save you time.

And thanks to the new social media CRM integration you have the option to Tweet an email campaign when it gets sent out. The social media monitoring feature will allow you to send the web version of the campaign out to all of your followers on Twitter at the same time.

What does social CRM allow me to do?

  • Tweet directly from the system at a click of a button
  • Update your Facebook profile and organisation information from within InTouch
  • Tweet your email campaigns – let your followers know what you’ve been communicating
  • Add social sites into your email campaigns – make it easy for your recipients to locate your Facebook and Twitter pages
  • Add contacts or organisations directly from contacts in your Twitter account into your database from InTouch

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