Online Survey Tools

Use web-based surveys to find out exactly what your customers want

Manage your lists and results in one central system, no messing around

Choose from a wide array of question options to build any survey you want

CRM with Integrated Email Surveys

The InTouch marketing survey tool creates quick online surveys that you can tailor to your requirements and send via an email campaign. You can now do more than simply ask questions, with InTouch’s more advanced and flexible survey tool.

The InTouch integrated survey tool will help you create a survey in minutes. Our CRM survey software gives you flexibility to tailor the survey to your exact requirements:

Create professional customer satisfaction surveys in minutes
Choose your questions’ format from our wide selection of options
Add text boxes to invite comments and feedback
Use our standard survey design or your own HTML template design
Send to one contact or many, to Groups or Organisations
Personalise your surveys using data from your database
Survey templates optimised for any format
Link your surveys to an automated campaign

Surveys are a great excuse to get in touch with your contacts and keep your company and brand top of their minds. They give you a unique insight into what customers really think of your business, what areas need improvement, plus they also show that you care and respect other people’s opinions. They don’t always have to be serious either. Try a light hearted theme now and then, such as a Valentine’s themed ‘Worst First Date Survey’ and use the results to promote a connected product via an email campaign and your Twitter feed and Facebook page. All of this is made simple with the InTouch online customer survey software.

Powerful Survey Marketing Features

Find out what your customers are really thinking and give them what they really want.

Get all these features plus much more, come and see for yourself.