Who doesn’t have a to do list? Post it notes galore, scraps of paper, back of an envelope or nice neatly lined jotter. Whatever your current task pad of choice, we feel things could be so much better for you.

What if you had a taskpad that was interactive, updateable, linked with your calendar and allowed you to assign tasks to yourself or a member of your team? With the intouchcrm Taskpad you can:

  • Add unlimited tasks to your list
  • Assign responsibility for the task
  • Create a deadline
  • Set up reminders as the task nears its completion date

Pretty straightforward and not exactly rocket science. But here’s the nifty bit. You can also:

  • Edit the task as you go so you always have an up to date view of progress
  • Improve communication within your team as they too can see where a task has got to at the click of a button

How is this used?

Say you had to build an igloo.

  • Perhaps the first task would be to call a bulk ice supplier.
  • Once the phonecall has been made simply edit the task by filling in the task history with the outcome. Anyone reviewing that project can then see how far things have progressed.
  • As you complete other jobs along the way, such as finding the perfect location for your igloo, or sourcing a few penguins for the back garden, you can add these to the task too.

What then?

As your task nears its deadline, a rating bar will begin to change from green, through to amber and then red giving you an at a glance summary of the most imminent deadlines.


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