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We’re a bunch of texters. In the UK alone 11 million texts are sent on average each hour (Mobile Data Association). We send 265 million texts a day, that’s a whopping 96.8 billion every year. Who knew. We did!

Mobile marketing is a key to customer engagement in today’s marketplace, that’s why InTouch includes text marketing functionality to complement the more widely used email marketing. Despite the growth of social media marketing such as Facebook and Twitter, both of which are crucial too, we feel that text marketing (or SMS marketing) is often left out of the party by small businesses.

We’d never advise you to ignore email marketing and just rely on a text messaging service but the two can work hand in hand very nicely thank you. For instance, say you run a retail business selling widgets. You can use text marketing and the InTouch business SMS service to:

Text a customer to tell them their delivery is en route
Tell customers about promotions & updates between monthly emails
Tell them about a new product launch or to offer them a discounted price if you haven’t heard from them in a while using a business SMS
Remind customers of an upcoming service appointment
Let someone know you have received their inquiry
Notify clients that their case is closed

Text message marketing is one of the most successful and engaging ways to interact with your customers and now you get it connected directly with your customer contacts.

You can now use SMS to send mobile messages in response to contact actions or as part of your automation strategy. Our SMS feature makes it easy to run automated drip marketing campaigns that include a mobile element.

It’s quick and simple and can all be done directly from the InTouch system using our business text messaging service.

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Straight to your customer’s smart phone.

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