Web Sign Up Forms

Build a valuable list of contacts from your website

Simply paste form code into your website

Link forms to automated campaigns & groups, create leads and more

Web Forms with CRM and Email Integration

You must take every opportunity you can to build your database of prospects and customers. One of the best ways to do this is through the intelligent use of web forms (also known as HTML contact forms). InTouch makes it easy for you to add a constant stream of new prospects into your sales and marketing funnel. Once a prospect completes a CRM contact form, it’s easy to create targeted follow up.

Build Forms Quickly

It’s quick and simple to build forms with InTouch and our easy to use web form builder. Simply select fields from a drop down, choose the text you want to use as your label and add.

You can choose any field from your database or create a new field as you build your form. Simply add text fields or multiple select fields like check boxes and radio buttons.

You can build a simple one field email capture contact us form, up to complex quotation request forms with multiple fields.

Smply generate online contact forms
Automated contact forms for website and email campaigns

Add Automation to your Web Forms

What happens after someone completes an email marketing form on your website?

Use automation to trigger follow-up emails, to place contacts into groups, to create tasks to ensure contacts are followed up, to create a lead in your sales pipeline and much more.

Automation ensures that once a prospect hits your database, they WILL get follow ups.

Advanced Automation & Segmentation

It’s now possible to add contacts into automated campaigns based upon their form submissions.

If a contact tells you they like the colour blue, you can add them to the blue follow up campaign, now how powerful is that?

Automation of fields in contact forms
Get notified when a form is submitted

Form Notifications

Get notified when someone completes a WordPress contact form on your website.

You can notify as many people as you want via email when a form is submitted on your website.

The filling out of a simple form, is often the start of the journey for your prospects.

Ensure that you don’t just collect details and then neglect them, use your forms to feed your automated campaigns.