How to Find Prospects on Social Media?
5 Sure Fire Ways To Finding Prospects

We are all well past the point of wondering whether or not we need social media for our business. It is now a question of how well we perform on social networking sites and how to leverage these networks to gain more prospects and leads for your business.

The trouble is however, social media can be quite noisy and crowded. Sometimes, prospective customers can be buried in a sea of look-alikes and similarly, your content could get swapped in the sea of similar offerings and content.

Nevertheless, [tweetable] you can most definitely use social media to find paying customers for your business[/tweetable]. Here are my top 5 tips on how to find prospects on social media and turn them into community members, brand ambassadors but most importantly – paying customers.

shutterstock_170062403#1 Make Your Profile Easy to Find

Most of social selling requires an active outreach process. Having said this, you can draw prospective clients to you when you optimize your profile. Use keywords a potential new client might use when seeking out someone with the products or services that you provide. Add strong keywords to the Title and Summary sections of your profile to ensure you show up in search results. When it comes to Facebook, don’t forget to put your business in the correct category: local services, retail, restaurant etc.

Complete your company profile fully and add links to your website, your blog and your other social media profiles. If applicable, make sure you include the address where customers can find you, opening hours and contact number.

Even when you outreach to prospective customers, the first thing they will do, is check out your profile. So unless you have that up-to-scratch, you won’t entice anybody to go further and check out your website.

#2 Join the Right Groups

Most social networks (Facebook, Google Plus and LInkedIn for instance) have developed a community or subgroup feature. Join communities that your customers are part of. For example, if your business offers a local service (estate agency, plumbing, private tuition etc.) join local groups.

If you are in a particular industry (event planning or marketing, for example) join groups that specialise in that area.

Generating sales leads#3 Share the Right Content

By sharing engaging and relevant content you will not only secure yourself a devoted following, but also prove yourself as an industry thought-leader. Here is a great piece on how to use content marketing to acquire more customers.

It is therefore essential to get the content and tone right. Read this article to find out how to create great content. As for the tone, well this is not the time and place for a sales pitch. Sounding overly friendly or “salesy” is an easy way to have your message ignored. Remember, you’re just a knowledgeable follower who can lend a hand or offer advice in a confident, knowledgeable, and cordial way.

The easiest way to find this balance is to focus on delivering value. Social media is not the appropriate medium to close a sale, but it is certainly the right place to start a relationship.

#4 Build a Relationship With Influencers

We live in the era of micro-celebrities (or influencers, as we marketers like to call them). These are people who are well-known within their very specific niche (think about the influencers in your nice). They may have an average social media following (never be quick to judge by numbers!), but they are able to influence someone…and that someone may very well be your future customer or promoter.

Reach out to those people. Having said this, sending generic emails to busy people asking them to share your content will likely go ignored. Instead try to build a relationship. Follow them on social media, share and comment on their content, become a familiar face. Only then can you approach them and ask them to share your content.

How to write good email subject lines?#5 Search for Opportunities

You can use LinkedIn’s Advanced search options to look for people and filter by relationship, groups, location and industry. So if you need to speak to a particular person in a company,, you can easily find them form the hundreds of thousands of people who are on LinkedIn.

Alternatively, you can use Twitter’s search bar and search for keywords that correspond to your offering. Twitter is the place most people go to for recommendations from followers. Do if you search for the phrase ‘your type of service’ + recommend you can rest assured you will find plenty of people who have tweeted they are looking for recommendations.

Go ahead and try it!

You can search for an array of terms like:

your product or service + recommendation
your competitor + alternative
your product or service + suggestion

Once you have found the relevant tweets, simply reply to people asking them to try out your service.
Social media is a powerful tool. Putting these strategies to use is a sure-fire way to secure yourself more prospects. Alternatively, read this for more ideas on how to find prospects for your business.

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