Go slow initially in order to go fast – The process you have to go through to convert prospects consistently

I have not long come back from a wonderful week away in Hurghada in Egypt. Me and my wife have holidayed in Egypt a few times and we love the people, the hospitality they provide and the great weather!

As with many places overseas, there is always a myriad of different salespeople trying to sell their services and being a salesman myself I always love chatting with the guys out there and seeing the tactics they use to win business!

These guys have the gift of the gab and they compliment you about how you look and how great our country is but they also make some very basic mistakes which stop many of them from making the sales that they would want!

Not long after I had settled down on my lounger to read Traction by Gino Wickman (great book by the way) a guy approached me as it was clear from my pale skin that I had only just arrived! I could see in his bouncy approach that he was thinking he had someone new to use his sales skills on. Little did he know what I did as a job…

If you have ever been to Egypt then you will know that the waters around this area are some of the nicest to do Deep sea diving in. The guys try and sell the chance to go and explore the waters and learn to dive and I have heard from a few people that they are very good at helping you do this.

The chance to dive in crystal clear waters and see the incredible creatures of the sea is something I probably should look to experience but I am more often than not put off by the approach of the guys who sell the packages!

Within a few seconds of saying hello to me, he said ‘you are new here, would you like to buy a diving package’ to which my initial response was ‘thanks but no thanks’. Not only had he interrupted me whilst reading but he had also made it clear to everyone else by the pool that I was white by body colour as well as name!

There were not many niceties within his approach and he left straight after I said no thanks without even trying to handle my objection!

Engaging with new prospects is not an easy task and you will need to interrupt them in order to hold a conversation but one of the first rules of sales in a modern era is to build some form of engagement with your prospect and don’t try to sell the product from the first conversation!

The guys in Egypt are not alone in making this mistake as I see so many business owners here in the UK make the same mistake. When they try to engage with a new prospect they focus on what they have to sell and try to make the sale happen within the first engagement. They march on in and talk about them and what they can offer without thinking about the prospect and what they are looking for. They also try to win the game before the race has even started and in most cases this approach fails.

Modern business is all about asking the right questions of your prospects, building an emotional connection and then nurturing them through the different stages of your sales process. It is not about shoving your product or service in someone’s face and then expecting them to buy!


If the guy in Egypt had approached me in a friendly way, asked where I was from, asked whether I enjoyed seeing different types of fish and whether I would be interested in knowing what unique types of fish existed in that part of the ocean, I would have probably engaged with him.

I am always keen to learn about the planet and the places I go to and so it would have been nice to chat with him about this and meet someone new. If he had offered me an introductory 30-minute snorkelling session along with 6 other people then I would also have said yes.

Why should he have done that?

Because within that session they could have whetted my appetite for what they offer and then presented their main product (a 1-day diving course) at a special rate as some thanks for coming along to this session. It may not have worked but there would be more chance of me buying their product once I had explored more about them as a company and got to know them than trying to sell to me from moment one!

You must be clear about what your sales process and steps are to get consistent sales results.

I don’t know what your sales process is but I can assure you of one thing! You need one!

Maybe your first engagement is an initial call or discussion to understand more about the prospect with the follow up to this being a demo or online review. Maybe you offer an initial face to face meeting and then follow up with a trial? Whatever it is you do, you need to think about the different steps in your sales process and then work with your prospects to move them between each one.

You may get some prospects that don’t move from step to step but if you always focus on the prospect and their needs, nurture them with good content and show value in what you do, you can move them through each step and win new business.

If you try and close them in the first conversation then you are likely to put them off (as the guy in Egypt did with me) and you lose out on a prospect who could have become a customer if you had approached it in the right way!

So if you want to achieve fast growth in your business then you initially need to go slow and take them through your sales process! Do that and better results will come your way!

If you are not sure what the steps are in your sales process or don’t know what to say to a prospect initially then I can help you.

I have helped 000’s of businesses achieve more consistent sales results and I would love to help you achieve the same!

I do this because my passion is helping great businesses succeed and so if you’re not achieving the sales results you want then complete my Prospect Conversion Test and then let’s set up a time to talk about how we can get amazing results for your business!




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  1. Great read and thank you for explaining what I already know but need to be reminded often that it can be a slow process in nurturing a relationship with customers.
    I wish I had read this earlier this year when I lost a customer because I was hasty and impatient. The deal slipped through my fingers because I didn’t think it through properly that they needed to find they needed time and find they could trust me and I could really deliver.
    Love your posts – keep them coming

    Anne Barrett

    1. Thanks Anne. Taking prospects on journeys is key in this modern ere! Really glad you love the posts. Great to hear and thanks for the positive comments

    1. Hi Angie, glad you like it. Yes you are right, you do need to continue fulfilling your promises. Being seen as RELIABLE is number 2 on my TRACKFARE model which outlines the foundations you need to achieve consistent sales success!

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