How to grow your email list. An easy step-by-step guide to expanding your audience.

  1. Run a contest – host a give-away and ask people to sign up with their emails. You can offer anything from a free breakfast for 2 (if you are a small restaurant owner), a free T-shirt and anything else up to a VW camper van like a recent campaign by White Stuff.
  2. Encourage recommendations – ask your current subscribers to forward your content to their friends and family members. Simply add a Subscribe button at the bottom of your email so that new subscribers can add themselves to your mailing service. Of course, that also means that you should be delivering interesting and engaging content that people would feel compelled to share.
  3. Announce it on Social Media – announce that you will be sending out a newsletter within the next few days and ask customers to subscribe if they don’t want to miss an exclusive offer only available for email subscribers, for instance. You would be amazed how effective a clear call-to-action like that could be.
  4. Collect emails offline – in-person events such as meet ups, conferences, trade shows etc. Simply ask people to write down their emails if they wish to receive communications from you, save any business cards you get given, and later add the new contacts to your database.
  5. Make subscribing easy – that one is a pretty obvious one, however you would be amazed how many people get this wrong. Put the Subscribe button on a visible place on your home page. Don’t make customers to go and look for it on your website, because they simply won’t.
  6. Offer a free eBook – eBooks are a great way to offer some valuable content and encourage email signups at the same time!
  7. Offer sign-up incentives – something simple like ‘Sign up now and get 20% off your next purchase’, or ‘Sign up now and get a free latte’! A little push is the only thing some people need to take action and subscribe!
  8. Archive newsletters – post a link to a newsletter on your website. That will boost interest in your content and it will also familiarize new subscribers with your email formats.
  9. Personal email – add a sign-up link in the footer (signature) of your personal email. Every time you communicate via email, people will have the chance to opt-in for your business updates and messages.
  10. Diversify – use every tool in your marketing box! Do not rely on just one method to collecting emails. Use 2, 3 or all of the above tactics and watch your contacts list expand!

Have we missed something? Do you have any other techniques for acquiring customers’ emails? Let us know in the comment section below!

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