3. Automate Your Folllow Up 




So at this point, you understand your target market really well and you have set up campaigns to feed your database.  Now you want to think about the follow up and the parts that you can automate.

Whether you are communicating with prospects online or offline, it is important to capture as much contact information about your audience as possible.

Try to collect their Name and primary email address as a minimum, their physical address and phone numbers are great if you can get them too. It’s worth pointing out that you don’t need to do this all in one go, it is better to capture a small amount of information initially, then collect more as you build trust, than to put a huge barrier in front of an initial enquiry.

There are many ways to automate your follow up

Think about:

  • What information are our prospects and customers looking for?
  • What concerns objections will they have and how can I address them?
  • Are there any calls or meetings that we need to schedule into the follow-up?
  • What channels can we use for follow-up – email, phone, direct mail, text messaging?
  • Compile a long list of things that you can use to follow-up with.

Then start to create an automated sequence that:

  • Thanks the customer / prospect
  • Reinforces the decision to engage
  • Answers queries, doubts, questions
  • Educates to help move forward a buying decision
  • Educate to place your company as the experts

Build an Automated Sequence

Unreal Homes have  a number of automated sequences to follow up with prospects and customers.

For example, when a prospect completes a brochure request form in the contemporary bathrooms section of their website, the automated sequence goes like this:

  • An email is sent immediately to thank the prospect for the enquiry
  • An email is sent to confirm the brochure request has been received and that one will arrive within 3 days by post.
  • An email is sent with a link to an online version of the bathrooms brochure
  • A task is set in the system to send out a bathrooms brochure, with some specific flyers about the latest contemporary bathroom ranges
  • After a week a follow up email is sent to find out whether they have any questions regarding what they have read in the brochure
  • After ten days a task alerts the sales team to give a follow up phone call to answer any questions and try to arrange a showroom or home visit
  • An invite is sent to the next private viewing open evening
  • A series of emails focused on how to successfully plan a new bathroom and choose the right fixtures and fittings is sent
  • Plus more.

Each area of Unreal Homes’ sales and marketing is automated this way.  The emails, brochures and follow ups are all relevant to the context or content of the enquiry (we’ll cover more about this in segmentation).  To the customer, it all looks very professional and relevant to them.  Not only does it ensure a swift and guaranteed follow up, it helps build up trust, so when the next human to human contact occurs, the prospect is warm and more likely to want to engage.

To get full value from your automation, you will need to segment your audience, we’ll go into that in more detail in the next section.

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