7. Seek Feedback 



If you aren’t regularly asking for feedback from your customers, how can you know what you are doing well, what you are doing badly and where you can improve.

In the words of now legendary founder of Amazon Jeff Bezos, “start with the customer and work backwards”

Now you can do this by guessing what your customers want, or where their issues are. You can do research into what they are saying, but what could be better than actually asking people about their preferences, likes, dislikes, issues, pains etc.

You may or may not have face to face contact with your customers, but either way you want to record this information somewhere. You can then use that information to improve and further segment your database to help deliver a more personalised service.

Use online surveys that are linked to your customer information and supplement them with comments, fields and manual feedback into your central system.

How does this work in the real world?

Let’s pay another visit to Unreal Homes and see how they seek feedback to continually improve their business and the customer experience:

  • Unreal Homes seek feedback after a quote, they want to find out things like:
    • are we too pushy,
    • what can we do better,
    • what was the experience like,
    • were there any unanswered questions etc.
  • They seek feedback after an installation, they are looking for areas where they can improve
  • They use survey for fun activities like collecting votes on styles of kitchens, this way they can know what styles their customers like, which will guide them as to which styles to put in the catalogue and which to feature
  • After every face to face or telephone contact, their team record responses to focused questions, that are designed to gather feedback and segmentation information at every step of the process

Almost without exception, every business is guilty of either not seeking enough feedback, not recording it properly or not following up and making changes based on the feedback.

Where can you use feedback in your business to improve your service and customer experience?

The other side of gathering feedback, is encouraging your customers to speak about your business and encourage the people they know to try you out.

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