9. Measure, Test & Improve  



If you have studied any small business growth theories, such as the excellent e-myth, you will know that the most effective way to grow your business is to systematise it. That is every thing from the way you deliver your product or service to your sales and marketing and customer service.

In the first instance it is important to get started. Create a system that you think is great.

Then you need to measure, test and improve the systems which you have built to keep your business moving forward, to improve your customer service, to develop new products and services.

In this system we are primarily focused on your sales and marketing systems.

Improving Your Sales & Marketing System

There are many things you can measure, from customer satisfaction, using surveys to sales success using a pipeline to track sales conversions.

We aren’t looking to get too anal about this. Whilst you may read online about split testing etc, so few actually do it, many of those who promote split testing everything, don’t even do it themselves.

When we talk about testing, we aren’t talking about obtaining a PHD in marketing analytics, no, we are talking about simple things like testing two different offers head to head to see which is most successful, or trying different approaches to your email marketing to see which format garners the greatest feedback and engagement.

These are simple things that don’t need huge amounts of time or resources.

Too many businesses keep doing things the same way, month after month, year after year. We believe that there are some very simple things you can do to massively improve your business.

The compounding effect of small changes can massively improve the overall success of your business. Just think about this, if you were to make just a small 10% improvement in 5 different stages of your sales and marketing process, you would increase the overall effectiveness of your sales and marketing system by 61%, make that a 20% improvement to each stage and you would be looking at an overall improvement of 149%!

Imagine growing the number of new sales by 149%, just through making a series of simple changes to your sales and marketing processes.

Some simple things to test that can have a major impact on your business success are:

  • Try different offers to gather interest
  • Try different approaches to sales
  • Test different ad copy, images etc
  • Test different channels, online PPC, directories, local papers, newspapers, leafleting, billboards etc.
  • Test different email subjects
  • Test different content approaches, what do people like
  • Make changes to sales process due to customer survey feedback
  • Test different sales processes for closing deals – low pressure, high conversion, ethical

When you find a new winner, put that in place as your “control”, then test other approaches, be creative, and continually innovate to improve your sales and marketing system.

Measure, Test and Improve is the last part of the Small Business Growth Formula.

Please take time to absorb the information and download the full PDF version which you can refer back to time and time again.

We are confident that you will find few better routes to small business growth, than to implement the Small Business Growth Formula.

Don’t delay, get started on your own sales and marketing system today, then if you find you need an all in one sales and marketing system to help you automate and manage your sales and marketing, then get signed up with an InTouch free trial.

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