1. Introduction 



If you want to grow your business, then you MUST MUST MUST build a database of information about your prospects and customers.  If you aren’t prepared to do this, then please stop reading now.

If the very sound of the word “database” fills you with dread, then please hang in there with us, we’ll show you how implementing the Small Business Growth Formula can be fun and rewarding.

The customer information that you collect will drive all of your marketing activity, this information will allow you to:

  • do more,
  • with less time and less money.

All over the world there are small businesses crushing it, using information driven marketing to compete with larger players who have far deeper pockets and tons of resource.

You don’t need a degree in marketing to make it work, just some key elements that we will teach you in the Small Business Growth Formula.


Why Build a Database of Customer Information?


The mass market is dying, markets are fragmenting and this is great news for small business.

Small businesses are ideally placed to service the specific wants, needs and desires of their chosen market.

Large businesses are spending millions on marketing automation and personalisation systems to get closer to their customers, the advantage you have is that you are already close to your customers, with some additional systems in place you will be able to leverage your strengths and grow your business whilst delighting your customers.

“Growing a database is key to cost effectively growing your business.”


What will it allow me to do?


Your data will enable you to run cost effective marketing campaigns using direct mail, email marketing, text marketing, social networking and inbound marketing to turbo charge your business growth and ultimately your profits.

We will show you ways to build up usable data on your prospects and customers that will allow you to make their experience with your company better, which in turn will fuel your business growth.

Once you learn about clever customer acquisition and engaging with your audience using data driven marketing, you will never look back.


How does this work in the real world?


To show how the Small Business Growth Formula can be applied in the real world, we are going to introduce you to Rob and Jane, who run a Kitchens and Bathrooms business called Unreal Homes.

Unreal Homes have a small showroom in their local town, a small sales team and a website.  They sell and install kitchens and bathrooms.  They know their audience well, they typically sell contemporary kitchens and bathrooms and traditional style kitchens and bathrooms.  They sell the full design and build service or just the kitchen and bathrooms for DIY installation.

As we run through the different sections of the Small Business Growth Formula we will come back to Rob and Jane to see how they successfully apply each part of the formula to their business.

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