8. Get Referrals  



One of the most effective ways to grow a small business is through referrals and customer word of mouth. Now whilst some businesses have raving fans who will gladly and frequently shout about a business from the roof tops. Most of the time you will not get a high level of referrals or recommendations if you don’t do anything to stimulate them.

A seamless sales and marketing funnel twinned with excellent customer service will naturally generate a certain level of referrals, but putting a system in place to gather referrals and recommendations is a sure fire way to help your company grow fast.

A virtuous circle of happy customers, referring more happy customers is not only one of the most cost effective forms of marketing, it is also one of the most genuine.

In order for this to work, first your customer service must be exceptional, no remarkable. If you go above and beyond what is expected, your customers will talk about your products and services and happily refer you to others.

Without bullet proof customer service, a referral program will not fly.

Through every step of the process Unreal Homes are fanatical about their customer service. Every touch point with their customers is carefully designed:

  • As people enter the store, they are warmly greeted, pointed to the part of the store that is right for them and introduced to a member of staff who can help with any queries
  • When a website enquiry comes in, an automated sequence ensures that the customer gets fast follow up and that a task is set to ensure that a further follow up is made
  • When their installation teams are on site they ensure that minimal disruption occurs and that every night the house is left clean and tidy
  • At the end of a job, a 30 point inspection takes place to ensure finishing touches are complete
  • After every job the home owner is surveyed to ensure everything went smoothly and to learn where they can improve their system
  • Automated thank you’s are scheduled to go out after every job from their marketing database
  • Then all happy customers are asked for testimonials and referrals as a core part of their sales and marketing system

Ensure to build seeking referrals into your sales and marketing system.

Once we’ve applied every element of the Small Business Growth Formula, it’s time to find ways to incrementally improve your sales and marketing system.

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