One Page Summary  



1. Introduction

  • A formula for sales and marketing specifically created for small business
  • A formula to help you do more, with less time and less money
  • Markets are fragmenting, which is great news for your business
  • A sales and marketing system driven by quality customer information will help you turbo charge your business growth

2. Build Your Customer Information

  • Start with the data you already have
  • Be ruthless and discard data that is old or inactive
  • Don’t spam people
  • Turn your website from a brochure, into a lead generation machine
  • Find ways to collect information about your customers offline

3. Automate Your Follow-up

  • Automate as many of your sales and marketing processes as you can
  • Provide useful follow-up by asking what information does our audience want or need?
  • Build automated sequences that help your audience
  • Build automated sequences that are personalised to your audience segments

4. Segment Your Customer Information

  • Don’t treat your audience or market as a hurd, or a mass
  • Segmentation can be simple
  • With just basic segmentation you can significantly improve your results
  • There are two simple types of segmentation you can apply today
    • Contextual – where
    • Specific – data
  • Start with simple segmentation, then get more complex once you start getting results

5. Create a System

  • A growing business needs repeatable systems
  • Not having a sales and marketing system will result in weak cash flow or boom and bust
  • Use tasks to drive your systems
  • Create personalised funnels to consistently deliver new customers to your business

6. Track Sales

  • You must track your sales pipeline
  • Use your sales pipeline to measure the health of your sales and marketing system
  • Use your sales pipeline to forecast cash flow and business growth

7. Seek Feedback

  • Start with the customer and work back
  • How can you know what you are doing well or badly if you don’t ask
  • Record your survey data for further use
  • Follow up  on the data you receive and improve what you are doing

8. Get Referrals

  • Customer referrals are one of the most authentic ways to grow your business
  • Great customer service is pre-requisite for getting great referrals
  • You need to stimulate referrals to get them in volume
  • Every part of your sales and marketing and customer service can help stimulate or suppress referrals

9. Measure, Test & Improve

  • Measure each stage of your marketing system
  • Simply test different approaches to make incremental improvements
  • Many incremental improvements will compound into huge overall improvements
  • Implement change continuously, the world doesn’t stand still
  • Start simply, you don’t need a degree in marketing analytics to make this work

Make your business great, serve more people and be true to yourself.

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