5. Create A System 



Whether you work as part of a team or work solo, to achieve maximum productivity it’s important to set goals and tasks.

By working through a list of tasks you will get more done each day and make sure you prioritise the most important tasks that will get you closer to your goal.

When working within a team, being able to share tasks and easily delegate things to other people will allow you to specialise and get more done.

You’ll never again forget to follow up when you should.

Turning Tasks Into A System

If you want to achieve growth in your business, a high standard of customer service and consistency, it’s important to create repeatable systems in your business.

If you can put your sales and marketing activities together in a system, you will be able to create predictable, steady growth in your business.

Most small businesses are held back through a lack of sales and marketing activity, or suffer from a boom and bust where a spurt of sales and marketing activity leads to a short burst of new businesses only for this to drop off again, until time and resources can be found to hit the sales and marketing trail again.

With a sales and marketing system in place, whether you are a one person operation or have a sizeable team, you will start to see a steady predictable stream of new customers, which in turn will help you to manage growth within your business.

Create a sales process with tasks that need to be followed. Ensure your team follow up with customers when they should. Create a sales process that your team can follow, measure its effectiveness and continually improve and test different approaches.

Tasks are your core activity, it is what drives your sales and marketing processes. String together the right tasks in the right order and you have a repeatable, scalable business model.

What Does a Sales and Marketing System Look Like

Firstly, let’s explain, when we say system, we are talking about a business system, not a technology system, though we can use a technology system like InTouch to power our business system.

But the first step is to ensure that you know what you want your business process to achieve, plan it out at a high level, then automate as much of it as possible.

So let’s take a look at Unreal Homes and see how they have built a system to ensure a steady stream of new business which fuels their business growth.

To start with Unreal Homes planned their sales and marketing system:

  • Unreal Homes understood who their ideal customers are and where they can be reached
  • They then planned a number of funnels / journeys that their prospective customers could go on to end up as a paying customer
  • They then put in place a number of systems to ensure that each funnel worked continuously

To build a funnel, they would follow  this simple process:

  • Identify a place where their customers are
  • Create a marketing piece to capture their attention (this may be a straight forward offer, or a softer informational approach)
  • Plan a string of activity that would build the follow up
  • Build a string of activity using automated marketing messages, timed and planned tasks to ensure the same process is followed with each customer

The beauty of this type of system is that you can start to measure what works and what doesn’t, then change the system to optimise the customer experience.

With a system, it doesn’t rely on one person remembering to do something, through using tasks, you can get several members of a team and some automated activities to create a seamless customer experience.

You can start with just one funnel, one source of customers, going through one process or if you are larger you may have several funnels for different market segments, different locations, online and offline, face to face and remote.

In Unreal Homes case they have several funnels that incorporate online, direct mail, local print advertising, a sales team, in store marketing, telemarketing, sms and more.

When set up properly, a sales and marketing system can be made to pay for itself.  You will know that if you spend $100.00 on customer acquisition, you get $1,000.00 out the other end.  Who wouldn’t want to do that?

Rather than spending time and money on generalist sales and marketing activity, you will have a system that will help you surge past competitors who are doing a bit of sporadic sales and marketing activity.

As part of your sales and marketing system, it is critical to track sales.  You will now have a funnel of prospective new business that will allow you to forecast growth and cash flow.  We’ll look at this next.

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