How to Write Good Email Subject Lines
The Essential Guide to Getting your Emails Opened and Read

How to write good email subject lines?Nobody likes being ignored.

You’ve sent an email, you know the other person has received it, yet they haven’t opened it! There are three reasons why this may be:

  1. They haven’t seen it yet
  2. They decided to ignore it
  3. They’ve seen it and decided to delete it without even opening the message.

Ouch, right?

Why do you think that is? Most people would say, maybe my emails are not good enough. But the truth is, your email hasn’t even been opened. 9 times out of 10 it is the subject line that’s not good enough.

Subject lines are the most important thing people look at when deciding whether to open an email or not. So unless you make it irresistible and attention-grabbing, chances are your email will end up in inbox obscurity.

So here are the key ingredients to an amazing subject line.


#1 Avoid these words


Words like free, sale and discount are a big no-no. These types of words are not only associated with spam by the receiver, but also trigger the spam filters of most email portals.

Google for example are quite good at filtering out spam messages. That’s why your Gmail inbox is so clutter free. So unless you want your email not even making it to the receiver, try and avoid subject lines that sound spammy, cheesy or don’t offer value.


How to write good email subject lines?#2 DON’T WRITE IN CAPS


DO YOU LIKE IT WHEN SOMEONE SENDS YOU A MESSAGE IN ALL CAPS AND IT SOUNDS LIKE THEY ARE SHOUTING AT YOU?????? Nope, me neither. It is annoying and it looks unprofessional.


#3 Avoid subject lines that are too long


Latest figures suggest that a staggering 66% of all emails are now being opened and read on a mobile device. Did you know how many of the email subject line the average mobile device reveals? Between 25 and 30.

30 characters – That’s how 30 characters look.

Not much is it? So when you write a subject line that is a whole sentence, what your prospects will see, is the first 3 words. Of course, you can’t always fit your subject line within 30 characters, but at least make sure that the beginning part of it is interesting enough so that it entices people to click.


#4 Personalise


You cannot begin to answer the question ‘How to write good email subject lines’ without mentioning personalization. Recent research (and our personal experience) support the fact that personalized subject lines tend to get higher open and click-through rates than standardized, one-size-fits-all subject lines. The reasoning behind this is pretty simple. We are all bombarded by marketing messages on daily if not hourly bases. Making a subject line personal, makes the message appeal to us and makes us feel special and like we are being addressed in person.

So next time you are going to send an email campaign, make sure your subject line is personalized.


How to write good email subject lines?#5 From


The From field on your email is just as important as the subject line. Email addresses such as DoNotReply or Automated are to be avoided at all times. It is basically like saying to the reader, here is the message I am pushing at you, I don’t care if you need to say anything back.

Use the From field wisely. Ideally, emails should be coming from real people, so put a real person’s email address there. Indicate who you are as a sender, Paul.deliveries or Adam.customerservice. Make it personal and real.


#6 Make sure you re-read the subject line


I may or may not have sent an email with an error in the subject line… It wasn’t the end of the world but surely blunders like that could be avoided if I simply paid a little bit more attention to the subject line not only the email content.

So next time make sure you re-read the subject line before pressing send.

These are the 6 key ingredients to a good eye-catching subject line. So tell me, what is the best email subject line you’ve ever seen?

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