Being More Organised with InTouchCRM 


Even if you’re the most organised person in the world, you’ll soon find your working life dominated by keeping up with anything from social media queries to your to-do list for the week. After all, when running a Personal Development business, the one thing you’re advertising is yourself; keeping up that presence and remaining organised at the same time can be a challenging task.

Juggling a half dozen apps and programmes for anything from calendars to task allocation can be a headache, especially when they don’t all sync up. InTouch takes the stress of organisation away and provides you one easy to use, perfectly in-sync system for all your organisation needs that gives you more time to focus on the jobs that matter.




In-Built Calendar

An in-built, smart calendar helps you stay organised and keep track of your daily appointments, jobs and meetings, saving you from utilising different software – or even paper – to keep your diary in order. You can also sync up your work with your Google Calendar for on-the-go updates and confirmations.

Complete with a robust notes functionality and secure connectivity to your contacts and customers, everything you could need is in one, productive environment.

Tasks & To-Dos

If you’re a fan of the to-do list, then you’ll love InTouch. Ideally connected with InTouch’s other productivity features such as Google integration and an attractive calendar, you can keep your life on track as and when you need to.

Forget post-its and reminders; save yourself time and effort daily to focus on what you do best – Personal Development.

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