The InTouch Contact Forms Plugin for WordPress lets you easily add web forms to your WordPress website or blog.

You can use InTouch web forms to create a wide variety of forms that will feed the data directly into your InTouch CRM account.

  • Email subscription form
  • Contact us form
  • Brochure request form
  • Quotation request form
  • Feedback form

Collecting data on your website and feeding it directly into your CRM can save a massive amount of time and will ensure that any customer requests don’t get forgotten, misplaced or not followed up.

With InTouch forms you can use the form to trigger an automated campaign that can send emails, add follow up tasks, create leads or even send SMS messages.

Getting Started

  1. The first thing to do is to plan what forms you need and where they are going to be placed on your WordPress site.  You can place forms in pages, posts or even widgets using WordPress Shortcodes.
  2. Then set up your form(s) within InTouch: (App login required)
  3. Download the WordPress plugin, which you can find here:
  4. Go to the plugins page and upload the plugin zip file.
  5. Activate the plugin.
  6. You will now see “InTouch Forms” listed under the settings menu item in your WordPress site.
  7. In the settings page enter your API Key, you can find this in the admin area of your account: (App Login Required)
  8. Click “Update Settings” and a list of forms from your account will appear below.
  9. A shortcode will be generated for each form, which you can either cut and paste into a page, post or text widget or use the InTouch button in your text editor to place a shortcode into a page or post.
  10. If you have an affiliate account with us, you can opt to show a “Powered By” link and include your affiliate ID, to earn commissions for any referrals made by your link that become customers of InTouch.  You can sign up for our Affiliate program here:

Any Problems?

If you have issues with your API key, please make sure there aren’t any blank spaces either before or after the pasted code.

If you need any support with the InTouch Forms WordPress Plugin, please submit a ticket to our support desk here:

Download InTouch Forms Plugin

Begin your journey to business growth and success today!

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