Launch of our New Prospect Conversion Test

In July 2016, we launched our Business Accelerator test so that we could understand more about how businesses we work with operate. Since that time over 1000 businesses across the world have taken our test and the results have been amazing. We have asked over 21,000 questions in this time and within all of those answers a few key themes have stood out!

Nearly 70% of all those companies who completed our test do not have dedicated marketing teams or marketing plans and so based around these facts, we launched our InTouch Growth Academy service. The academy provides the outsourced marketing help you need to deliver great content and those who have deployed the service like Graham Oakley from Laundry Efficiency have seen some incredible results thanks to the work we have done.

Graham Oakley LE

The biggest stand out however from the test were the challenges that so many businesses faced regarding sales. 79% of those who we questioned have not hit sales targets in the last 3 months and even more amazingly 82% of companies do not have a structured sales process which they use to engage with prospects!

Missing Sales targets

Seeing these results got us thinking. It made us start to consider our purpose as a company. My great passion is seeing great companies get amazing rewards and I love to see hard working entrepreneurs get the results they want and deserve!

Getting those results is not easy though. I know from my own personal struggles in building InTouch that it takes a lot of time, discipline, process and hard work to achieve sales success!


I have though learned what actions and plans to put in place. I know they work as I use them in my own business every day, week and month! I want to help you and your business achieve the same.

Success in sales comes from converting lots of potential customers into actual customers. It comes from turning maybes into realities. It comes from turning prospects into customers!

Do you have everything in place to make this happen?

Why not take our new Prospect Conversion Test and see whether you have what it takes to achieve amazing sales results!

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