In an industry where excellent relationships and recommendations are essential, managing your prospects and clients effectively is vital. Knowing as much as possible about your prospects and customers not only helps you to sell your products and services better; it also enables you to make improvements to your sales and marketing processes and target the right people.

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Lead Management

Apply traditional sales strategy to your clients for effective lead management that will not only become the source of all your client knowledge but an engaging and active way to explore and adapt your sales processes to make your products and services even more successful.

Forget about confusing paperwork or large spreadsheets; follow your customers the whole way through their journey from their first interest in your services or products through to purchase. Gain an understanding of what works, and how it works and how you can market your services more productively.

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Integrated Contacts

Struggling to keep track of your contacts and manage your prospects? While a little black book might be the quintessential, classic tool for all your information, it doesn’t compare to a modern cloud-based system like InTouchCRM. Combining security with ease of use, you can take your virtual contact book everywhere with you.

Not only do you have access to your contacts from your smartphone or laptop on the go, but you can also include more detail and notes on connections to keep you up to date and on track, as well as complete integration with tasks and reminders, so you never miss an opportunity again.

Start converting more prospects into customers: