InTouchCRM Customer Success: Mark Bowden Hypnotherapy




Mark Bowden is a hypnotherapist and life coach. He helps his clients overcome a range of different obstacles, including anxiety, sleep disorders, a lack of self-confidence, addictions and phobias. He is also a published author and has recently produced the first inflight hypnotherapy channel in partnership with British Airways. 


The Challenge:


Mark currently sells hypnotherapy CD’s directly from his website and he needed a way of persuading prospective customers to buy from him.


The Solution:

We worked closely and designed 15 different automation sequences. Every sequence began with a webform which was built and placed on the relevant page on Mark’s website and offered visitors a free sample of a particular hypnotherapy session. If prospects entered their contact information, they would immediately receive the free sample via email and then for the next 5 weeks, using Mark’s existing content we built a series of emails to send to his prospects automatically.

These sequences helped to remind Mark’s prospects of him and his services and to nurture them through the sales process to become customers.  


 The Results:

Update coming soon! We have only very recently began working with Mark and we’re excited to start seeing some results!



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