4 Easy Ways to Nurture Leads using Social Media

Nurture Leads Using Social Media? Yes please!

When it comes to nurturing leads, you have to use every tool in your marketing toolbox. In order for lead nurturing to be effective, it needs to be consistent and in this aspect, targeted communications using a variety of channels is critical. Email is proven to be one of the most successful methods to approach lead nurturing, but it is not the only method. Another tool you can use to bridge the gap between you and the customers, is social media.

Social media is part of our lives and there is no getting away from it as more and more of our customers are using it. The savviest of marketers and business owners have already discovered that networking platforms can be used for much more than simply sharing cat videos. Social, is the new way to support your prospects through the sales process and here is how:

Social Media#1 Social Call-to-Action after Completing a Web Form

It is very important to begin your relationship with the prospect as soon as they express an interest in your business and your product. Someone has completed a sign up form, make sure that the Thank you page includes links to your social media accounts and it urges them to connect with you.

For InTouch customers, you can easily add our new WordPress plugin to your arsenal of widgets and optimize how you make use of web forms. Just don’t forget to be social!

#2 Social Icons at the Bottom of Emails

Every email that a lead receives from you is an important point of contact and it offers the possibilities to connect on many more levels. Add social icons at the bottom of your emails and leads are bound to click on the one they prefer and connect on a more social and informal level. Why is this important? Well, someone who follows you on Facebook is so much more likely to see more of your nurturing content, share your content with others thus connecting with you on a more personal level.

Twitter#3 Social Inquiries

Nowadays people don’t have the time for you to respond to their emails or wait in line for their phone call to be answered, instead, they Tweet. I am an evangelist of social media customer service. People nowadays expect to be able to contact companies directly. I have personally sought and found solutions to problems I’ve had with business using Twitter and the faster they respond the better. Even if they can’t help me straight away, I feel happier as a customer and more connected with the business once someone has acknowledged my tweet.

Here at InTouch, we often receive tweets with queries and it is a great way to connect. So make sure you keep an eye on your social media accounts accounts, and not just Twitter. Whether it is questions, comments, feedback or just a mention, monitor and acknowledge those. A fast response is of vital importance as it will install a sense of trust and mutuality and inspire leads to contact you again. Failing to do so can seriously damage the relationship you have worked so hard to build.

#4 Share Content

Sharing your content on social media is one of the oldest tricks in the trade. It helps you promote your content as well as to build relationships. Feed relevant, educational and nurturing content to leads in a non-invasive way simply by sharing it on social networks. People will discover it and read it in their own time without them feeling pressured or that it has been pushed at them.

As well as sharing your content, make sure your content is sharable for readers to publish it to their own news feeds.

Increase the likelihood for sales by nurturing leads through multiple channels. Put those 4 quick and easy ways to nurture leads using social media to work and close more sales faster. If you’d like to find more ways Social media can complement your overall marketing strategy, click here.

How do you use social media to nurture leads?


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