When you’re running a small business, nurturing prospects and keeping in contact with all your customers, can be a full-time task – albeit an incredibly important one that requires measured and appropriate communication.

InTouchCRM helps you take back your time while improving your connection with your clients thanks to our exceptional integrated services that can cover more ground than one person ever could on a daily basis.


No matter what you need to communicate, with InTouch you can do it better.

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Nurture Prospects with Email Marketing

Nurture prospects through your sales funnel, let your clients know the latest news in your industry, what offers you have coming up or tell them about your exciting new product with InTouch Email Marketing. Email is on everyone’s tablet, laptop and smartphone, and there’s no better way to keep in contact on a regular basis.

With a full email editing system and contacts included with our simple to use CMS system, you’ll never have trouble keeping your customers updated again. Communication is key to a successful business, and InTouch makes keeping in contact easy.

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Nurture Prospects with SMS Marketing

Make your phone your own again and improve your work/life balance with InTouch CRM SMS. Save your time for the more critical aspects of your job by allowing InTouch to work with all your texting needs for your customers – promoting a caring and personal service without any extra effort on your part.

For anything from specific offers to individual notifications, SMS marketing and communication is a great way to nurture prospects and remind clients of your services and expertise, whether it’s by sending offers of discounts or even just an inspirational quote related to your particular services.

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Nurture Prospects on Social Media

To the majority of modern small business owners, social media is an essential tool to connect with potential clients and develop an online following. InTouchCRM keeps your social media in one handy location, making social media usage more efficient for both posting and monitoring.

Not only can you keep track of your social media to a much higher standard, but social media integrations also allow you to keep up with your industry itself, thanks to hashtag and page monitoring; a great way to win clients and gain insight into the latest topics and trends.

Start converting more prospects into customers: