Our Prospect Conversion Models: DRIVER 


[boc_heading css_animation=”fade-in”]What is DRIVER? [/boc_heading]

DRIVER is step two on the road to a succinct, successful sales strategy for your business.

While TRACKFARE provides the foundations to approaching and increasing your new prospects, as well as providing the basis for development for both yourself and your team, DRIVER focuses on the next stage of that process.


Once your potential customers are aware of you, the next step is to pique their interest, get them involved and help them see how valuable your product can be to them.

For personal development professionals, DRIVER provides the building blocks that ‘drive’ your business – see what we did there?

This method is all about the development of your skills and processes, so great sales techniques become second nature.

[boc_heading]How does DRIVER help your business?[/boc_heading]

DRIVER takes businesses from merely getting by to succeeding in spades in just six easy steps.

These steps are not only easy to learn and implement, they’re also great for the personal development of both yourself and your customers.

Not only will this methodology offer you a fully-formed business attitude, but it will also help you to go further and strive for more – more sales, more customers, more profit.

By helping you to improve the way you do business, our model not only improves your profits, and develops your client list – it establishes your business as one that’s great to deal with.

If TRACKFARE is the foundation of your business, DRIVER is the bricks that form the house.

By choosing to integrate it into your business practices, you can not only encourage new prospects to choose you; you can also support existing customers to return thanks to the personality and versatility of your business.

An invaluable tool for any professional working with three or three thousand customers.

[boc_heading]Why should DRIVER be important to you?[/boc_heading]

Your business might be turning a profit, but is it fulfilling everything you want from it? DRIVER takes your sales to the next level and helps to develop your company from small-time to stellar in just a few easy steps.

With our methodology, you can make more from your business and experience your business attitude through your customer’s eyes; making the development process more organic and flexible to your business style and atmosphere.

DRIVER’s insight gives you more than just words on a screen; it offers you a way to develop, evolve and improve your business.

If that’s what you want for your clients, why shouldn’t you want it for your own business too?

If you’re a personal development professional, DRIVER allows you to practice what you preach.

Show your potential clients first-hand how personal and business development can improve businesses – using your own company as a showcase of what you can achieve.


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