The Power of Follow Up Emails for InTouch Users

How often do you follow up with clients and prospects? How often do you pick up a phone or write an email that goes something down the lines of “It was a pleasure meeting with you last week. I hope you found our chat informative. Is there anything else I can help you with?”.

Follow up emails are the Thank You notes of business. They help you to politely remind the prospect/customer about your business, present yourself and your company in a professional manner, and make the prospect feel special and appreciated.

We have a great blog post on follow up emails you should refer to it if you feel you need the foundations of what follow ups are and why you need them.

But this blog post is dedicated to you, the InTouch user and how to use the software to create the most efficient and reliable follow up emails.


One of the most often cited reason for not following up on a lead or sale is simply forgetting about it. The lives of small business owners are hectic and nobody expects you to remember everything. That is why we recommend that you make use of the Tasks feature of InTouch. Whenever you finish a meeting with a potential client or a sales call, set up a Task to remind you to follow up.

 Follow up Email

Simply Create a New Task, Type in the details of the meeting and select the contact from your database, chose how and when you want to be reminded and you are good to go!

Once you have the Task created, you won’t have to worry about forgetting to follow up. InTouch will remind you!


Fast forwarding and it is the date for your follow up. Would you rather call or send an email? Personally, I prefer emails as they give the recipient more time to digest the information and prepare a response. But before we get to the actual follow up email, we go to the database. Look at your contact and what you know about them, study your interactions with them, what was discussed on your last meeting, what do you know about the persona and their company. Being as informed as possible would allow you to draft a top-notch email that is relevant to the person reading it.

Leads and Sales

The lead management tool is perfect for keeping track of the sales progression.

Follow Up Email

Simply fill in the form and you will always know which contacts is linked to which sale, what is the product of interest, value, probability of the sale etc.

Follow Up Email

Making use of this tool is recommended for every small business owner and sales person who would like to be well informed about the progress of their deals and those of their staff. Always refer to your database and Lead management tool before following up.
Coming soon to InTouch is a new pipeline interface to better track the lifetime of your opportunities.
[Secret sneak preview below]

Follow Up email


Now we are down to business. Using InTouch for follow up emails would give you the competitive edge of not only designing professionally looking emails, but you will also be able to see when the email has been opened and if the reader has clicked on any links you have included in the body (i.e. social media or product page).

Simply create the campaign, select the template you want, create the body, select your recipient and send!

The beauty of InTouch is that you can even create the email on the day of your meeting and schedule it to be send out in a day, a week or whenever you would like the follow up email to be sent! Yet again, the system works so you don’t have to!

As you see, the InTouch system can help you greatly improve your performance when composing and sending out follow up emails making sure you make timely, relevant and informed decisions.


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