Our Prospect Conversion Models: CONVERT


What is CONVERT?

 CONVERT is stage three of our models and is all about “doing” once the traits and the skills have been crossed off.

With CONVERT it is about the journey that you take the prospect on from offering great content to engage with them initially, through to transacting at the end of the process. CONVERT is the actual “Doing” in the Prospect Conversion Journey, utilising the skills and traits that TRACKFARE and DRIVER have given you. 

As anyone in the self-development and training world will know, this part of the process is the most important to create and build real sustainable income for their business. It is also the hardest to master.

Each letter in CONVERT represents a different stop along the journey that is involved in converting prospects to customers. Each one is designed to maximise your time, whilst presenting a professional and engaging environment that encourages relationships to be built and business to be won

If you’re looking for support in bringing new prospects into your business, increasing your sales and encouraging your followers, that’s where our method is perfect for you.

How does CONVERT help your business?

CONVERT starts with you, your content and offering the prospects an insight into what it is you do, how you do it and your expertise, thanks to offering up great content. Setting you apart from your competitors and highlighting you as the go-to person for their business.


By showing who you are, what you do, your expertise and of course your previous client successes, you hit the ground running and entice people to not only read more but to give you their details (Obtain), allowing you to start to build the relationship.

It then puts you in the driving seat of the relationship, allowing you to engage on your terms to share and nurture with them, articles and insights into what it is they are actually interested in. 

Think of CONVERT as the dating part of any relationship, you have to build trust, likability and actually prove that you are worthy, you never from meeting to married straight away, yet businesses often think people will buy from them at the click of their fingers. Life is not like that, and certainly when there is so much competition out there. It’s about connecting with people, nurturing them, making sure they aren’t wasting your time and building that trust and rapport. 

Why should CONVERT be important to you?

CONVERT is the sales process and the lifeblood of business – It is the sales process, for business who’s sales process was “Do you want to buy now?”

This model is all about making sales and impressing clients with your professional nature at every step of the way. 

Our CONVERT methodology not only helps you to increase your prospects, but it also makes both personal and staff development simple, with all the tools in place that produce results time and time again.

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