Our Prospect Conversion Models



The Old Traditional Sales Process

Most companies follow the old traditional sales cycle where customer interaction is a premium and the hope that decisions are made quickly are alive and well.

This is where we have spotted an issue and a reason why many Personal Development and Training companies only end up converting a minimal number of leads that they are generating.

Why do the same as everyone else?

Using our time working with clients in the Personal Development and Training industries over the years, we have developed a NEW sales process with three distinct models that help to bring success when it comes to turning prospects into customers.



Those Models are: –



Stands for the core attributes that you must have when taking on a sales role. Regardless of industry, people buy from people and elements such as trust, reliability and even appearance come to play a part in any sales process. 

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Following on from TRACKFARE the next model is DRIVER and this represents the core skills that are needed in the world of prospect conversion. Taking into account everything from determination to the ability to read situations and people. No prospect can be converted if you aren’t DRIVER ready.

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The final model of the three is CONVERT and this is all about doing. Once you have the traits and skills to go out and convert prospects into customers, you still need the systems and processes in place to aid you. From lead nurturing campaigns through to keeping you on track with your follow up – no sale is won on a single conversation

CONVERT is where the real business is done

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