A quick response to prospects impresses and builds trust

I mentioned in my 6 Ways to Impress your Prospects blog a few weeks ago about how key it is for you to engage with prospects promptly when you get the chance of an opportunity and I wanted to follow up and reinforce the importance of this.

Whether you like it or not, we live in a NOW world. Gone are the days when you can get back to someone within a week when they engage with you initially. If you want to impress prospects then you should respond quickly and show interest in their enquiry.

The ideal way to do this is through a personal email but this is not possible all the time. Even the largest organisations in the world don’t have a sales team that works 24/7 but it is vital you do react quickly to prospects. How quickly? The sooner the better as I outline below but certainly within 10-15 minutes through an automated response and then within 24-48 hours personally.

I had a perfect example of this just this morning when a new lead enquiry came in. I traditionally spend 30 minutes each morning reviewing emails that have come in and I saw a lead come through which looked interesting. I could have waited for one of my team to handle this later in the day but I know that responding quickly gets results!

I reached out to the contact (a copy of the email I sent is below) in a positive way and because of a conversation I now have set up a demo next Monday to outline what InTouch offers and the prospect also responded positively about the speed in which we replied.


Think yourself how you feel when you enquire about a product or solution. You are looking for something and you complete a form on a website. Then you wait, wait again and wait a little bit more.

How does it make you feel about that company? Would you feel comfortable they would be able to respond quickly if you had a problem with the product or service they sold you?

I believe there are 3 things you need to do with new prospect enquiries that you receive.

1. Send some form of initial response

Some companies don’t like automated responses to queries but trust me prospects would prefer to know their request has been received and will be acted upon than to get nothing at all.

2. Ensure 3 or 4 tasks are created as part of an Automated follow up

When a new prospect comes in as well as sending an automated response, you need to create tasks for someone in the business to follow up on the lead that comes in. Not just one either but a minimum of 3 or preferably 4 to follow up. A task every 3 or 4 days to follow up with the lead is needed until you get some form of response from the prospect

3. Do a weekly review of new leads you receive

You will never win lots of business if you don’t review the new leads you have received and check to see that they have all been followed up on and actioned. Has the prospect got back to you or have you not heard from them? If you have, where in your sales process are they now? This information is VITAL if your to convert more of them on a regular basis.

Here is the email I sent to the prospect. Notice how I thank them for reaching out to me and look to understand more about them and their business first. Good sales people always focus on their clients and prospects before themselves.

I love understanding more about my prospects and what they do and then depending on their needs see if I can help them with what I offer. If I can’t then I respond to say so but focus on them and what they need and not on you and what you offer!


Countless research studies have showed that the quicker you respond to a prospect and engage with them, the greater your chance of success.

Respond quickly, show interest in the prospect and what they need and remind yourself to engage regularly over the next few weeks.

If you do that as well as offer a great product or service that solves a real pain point for a targeted group of people then you will be on the superhighway to serious business success!

Has responding to new enquiries worked for you? Share your stories and thoughts with me below.
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