Full Assisted Setup

What do I Get?

The assisted set up looks to set each customer up with InTouch and ensure everything is put in place to allow you to start using InTouch for your sales and marketing plans.  This service is carried out by one of the InTouch customer success team. Within the set-up we:

  • Analyze your current sales and marketing processes and provide suggestions on improvements
  • Design an optimised sales and marketing process that can integrate InTouch
  • Structure and load your existing customer data (based upon an agreed data template) and create any new data/custom fields within your InTouch Account
  • Create groups for segmenting your data and explain the purpose of groups and how they are used within InTouch
  • Work with your web tools (or web designers) to setup web forms for capturing data at different points on your website and within areas of your business (such as reception)
  • Create the automated sequences structure to drive your sales and marketing process
  • Provide assistance with setting up an email template and first email campaign that you can use for marketing purposes
  • Provide general tips, tricks and great advice.

What doesn’t it Include?

The review does not provide you with:

  • Additional support services over and above what is outlined above
  • Ongoing monthly services to deliver marketing campaigns
  • The review is not training and we will not within this service provide a detailed overview to each area of InTouch or train users on using all system areas


£800 via a phone/web call (International), or face to face + travel expenses (UK Only)

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