Simon Says You’re Not Hitting Sales Numbers

I received a phone call from a great guy I met recently called Simon. It went like this…..


Simon     ‘I am not hitting the sales numbers that I have set for myself James, are you able to help me as I have seen some of your videos and I like how you approach things’

James   ‘Hi Simon, great to hear from you. I would love to help you for sure, tell me a bit more about what seems to be the problem’

Simon     ‘I have a great product and I get some great reviews but I am not getting enough people to buy my products from my website’

James    ‘Ok it could be that new prospects they need a bit more time to build up a picture of what you do and how you can help them. Do any sign up for your free sample product’

Simon     ‘I am not sure to be honest, let me have a look. Yes, I have had 398 people who signed up for one of my samples since June’

James    ‘That is fantastic news. How have you followed up with those prospects? Now you have obtained their contact details, how have you nurtured and built familiarity with them’?

Simon     ‘They get an email from me once they have signed up’

James    ‘What happens after that email has been received’?

Simon     ‘Nothing, I just try to contact them when I get a chance but I am so busy with things it’s difficult to remember to follow up’

James   ‘Simon, I have the answer to your problem’

If any of the above sounds familiar then you are not alone.

I talk to so many businesses who are leaving money on the table because of not following up prospects effectively.

We launched our Business Accelerator test last year and the results we saw then backed up the conversation I had with Simon. So many companies do such great work to get traffic to their website but then do the cardinal sin of not engaging with prospects effectively once they have obtained their contact details.

If you are like Simon and are fed up of not hitting your sales numbers and feel you are leaving money on the table then we need to speak.

Just complete this form and one of my team or me will call you next week to see what we can do to help you change things around.

We have capacity next week to speak with 10 people only and so if you need help with your sales approach as Simon did then reply now.

Don’t let another month go. Act now and work with us to develop a plan that can help see you convert more prospects into customers.




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