Capture New Contacts and Leads to
Feed Your Sales and Marketing System

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After you’ve got the basics of your sales and marketing in place, i.e. you know your target marketing inside out and you know how to reach them.  The next task is to set up a sales and marketing funnel and start feeding prospects into it.

InTouch’s Simple Sales and Marketing Automation is designed to make that process easy, it helps you feed prospects into a funnel that automatically follows up and nurtures them until they are ready to buy.

InBound & OutBound Leads

In most businesses there will be a mixture of inbound and outbound leads, you’ll want to capture these in one central place.

Inbound leads from search engine advertising, pay per click advertising, newspaper advertising, SEO, word of mouth, content marketing, radio advertising to name but a few.

Then outbound leads from direct outreach of a target market including walk-ins, cold and warm calling, direct mail and others.

Data at the Core of your Business

At the heart of both inbound and outbound lead generation will be your data.

Whether you start with some core data that you clean and improve over-time or the data builds up solely from your inbound marketing activity, it is your data that will power your effective sales and marketing funnel.

InTouch makes it easy to gather data and feed it into your central database.

Data Collection

For inbound marketing, you want to make it easy to feed prospects into your funnel, whether they come to your website or call you up on the phone.  You want to log that data and ensure that effective follow-up happens each and every time.

With InTouch you can automatically add prospects to automated campaigns that add users to groups, emails them, sets tasks for staff to follow up, adds them to a sales funnel and much more.

Whether you collect details via a web form or over the phone, you can add prospects to pre-built funnels that enables consistent follow up and consistent sales growth.

InTouch Web Forms

The clever web forms within InTouch enable you to automatically feed people from your website into your email marketing, crm or your integrated email and crm campaigns.

From your InTouch system, you can easily build a number of forms that feed prospects into different campaigns depending on their interests.

It’s really easy to put InTouch forms into your website, just cut and paste the code.  Or if you have a WordPress site, we have a plugin that makes the management of the different forms on your site a breeze.

Manual Data Collection

We refer to manual data collection as data that you or your team put into the system.

Whether this is from a call or an inbound email, you can quickly and easily add a prospect’s details into the system, then add them to a campaign at the click of a button.

Using pre-build automated campaigns, you are safe in the knowledge that your propects and getting followed up and are moving through your sales and marketing funnel

Too many small businesses forget to follow up and prospects get lost, severly stunting your sales and marketing performance and business growth prospects.

Collect Specific & Contextual Customer Data

We can build forms that collect specific data.  We can create custom fields in our database to collect specific interests from our prospects, including check boxes, radio boxes, drop downs and more.

Or we can collect contextual data, for example, in our case study for Unreal Homes, we have a form in their kitchens page that feeds into a targeted kitchens follow up sequence and a different focused one on the bathrooms page.

It is this data that later helps us to segment our users and deliver relevant targeted information.